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Coup On Literature – 5 [Perform any duty with mind, speech, and work]

Here I refer a fact of present days to you. In Telugu, a good writer Mrs. Chakkilam VijayaLakshmi is there. I read some of her stories like Kagitham Padava i.e. paper boat. In that story she narrated the mistake of parents while bringing up of their children, care taken on them in a reasonable manner. She described the nature in nice manner. She compared the rain behind the window of room, as thin thread hang from sky to earth and as long beeds which had given a sweet touch with heart.

Such a writer when she wrote a non-sensical and vulgar story, consisting ugly relation ship among brother and sister of aged 13 to 11 years with the encouragement of an editor, Mr. Sikaraju of Andhra Bhoomi in 80’s of last century. I myself, like her other readers felt so bad. That serial was stopped in the middle. That writer Smt. Chakkilam Vijaya Lakshmi dropped her pen and was silent for long time in the field of literature. Later we could know the dirty role of some editors of weeklies to destroy the values in literature such as Mr. C. Kankambar Raju. He had written “America Yao America” in which he praised America like anything and he tried to make India to feel inferior. Whatever he succeeds or not, the time had proved it. Now-a-days, other country people are coming to India for study and for medical treatments.

Such that, the Telugu literature had lost one of good writers. But now we are enjoying her writings in spiritual essays with philosophical touch and high maturity. Some are frequently seen on ‘Antharyami’ in Enadu. Every pain will turn a soul to climb a step in spirituality according to our elder’s statements. This got proved with her. Being readers, myself, along with others like me, we are enjoying this. By that, can’t we say that ‘what ever happens in life is for the sake of our good only?’

Another story ‘అనగా అనగా ………..’

Long long ago, there were two neighbors in a village. They were quite competitive and jealousies with each other. Whatever one purchase, the other purchases it immediately. Whatever one do, the other does it immediately. Every body in that village knew about them and tried to counsel them to drop their competition and jealousy, but in vain. Because of such competition, jealousy and imitation, their life became impeacefull.

One day one man had gone to forest to make penance for God. He was known that the other would follow him. As per his estimation, the other also approached the forest and started meditation about God. After some days, God had appeared in front of one man. God asked him to express his desire to fulfill. He asked the God whether he had given any boon i.e. fulfilled any desire of his neighbor. God said “No.” Then he prayed God to fulfill the desire of his neighbor and then come to him. God asked him “My dear devotee! Why are you asking me to fulfill the desire of your neighbor before your self?”

He said “Swami. I want double to my neighbor.”

God said “My child. It is not good. Think about your desire. Why you feel such competition and jealousy with your neighbor?”

But he again requested God to fulfill his neighbor’s desire prier to him.

God said “Well”. And he appeared in front of the other man and asked him to express his desire. He asked “Swami! What my neighbor asked you.”

God smiled at him. “My child. Why are you enquiring about him? Think about your self.”

But he refused, and repeated the same question. God told him about his neighbor desire.

This man thought for a moment; and asked God “Swami! Make my left eye blind.”

God pitied on both and rewarded them. As a result, one man loss one eye and become partial blind and the other man become complete blind by losing both eyes.

Both of the men got appearance of God who could give them wealth, health or any thing they want. But because of their jealousy and competitiveness, they got self harm.

This story prevents us from thinking negative to others, feels jealousy, competitive to others and imitates others.

By losing touch on such literature, stories, we are sinking in the ocean of competition now. If we think about our life for a single second, what we find? At least now we have to rethink about the limits of the competition and jealousy in our lives. With such competition, we are losing utterly human values, human feelings and totally humanity.

I refer two more stories from Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Bhodhamrutham.

The first one is---- అనగా అనగా ………..

Once, there were two friends in a village by names Ramanna ans Somanna. Both were good friends. One evening both the friends met on the road. Ramanna said “Friend Somanna! There is Hari Kadha [Epic story entertainment] in temple. Let us go.” But Somanna refused it and said “No friend Ramanna! There is a dance program in the Sani Vada i.e. prostitute area. Let us go there and enjoy it.” But Ramanna refused it.

Then Ramanna went to temple to hear and enjoy Hari Kadha. But his mind was with Somanna at Sani Wada. He was thinking about the joy which Somanna was experiencing at Sani Wada. He didn’t hear single word of epic story.

On the other hand, Somanna went to Sani Wada i.e. Sex workers place to enjoy the dance program. But his mind was with Ramanna at temple. He was thinking about the virtuous deed of Ramanna. He didn’t watch single movement of the dance.

Days passed like this. After some years both the friends died on one day coincidently. The angels came to take the soul of Somanna to heaven. The Yama Doothas i.e. soldiers of God Yama came to take the soul of Ramanna to hell. Then Ramanna’s soul asked the yama doothas why they were taking him to hell while Somanna was going to heaven.

They clarified his doubt as “Look Ramanna! You had gone to temple every day but your mind was at Sani Wada only, Such that you done sin and deserve the hell. Somanna had gone to Sani Wada every day but his mind was at temple only, Such that he done virtuous deed and deserve the heaven. What we do with our body is not important than what we feel with our mind.”

That’s the entire story.

In Indian believes, work, any work should be perform with Trikarana shuddi i.e. Manasa, Vacha, Karmana. That means we have to perform any duty with mind, with speaking and with working. What we think, the same we have to speak and the same we have to do.

The above story indicate the same to us. The second story gives much more clarity over this concept.

అనగా అనగా ………..

Once upon a time, there was a holy man i.e. Saint. He was nomad. One day he reached a village. There was a sex worker in that village. She was very beautiful and talented dancer. This Saint stayed under a tree opposite to her building. Every day some gallants used to go to her residence to enjoy her company. The Saint used to watch all this. Gradually he had forgotten his meditation, devotion and totally his Saint life, and used to keep stones one another in a line as the symbol of number of gallants gone to her house.

On the other hand, the sex worker i.e. prostitute lady used to think about her sinful life and used to watch the saint under the tree apposite to her house. She desired to live such holy life, but physically she continued her earnings.

Days passed. Both of they died on same day. The angels came to take the soul of prostitute to heaven. The Yama Dootas i.e. soldiers to God Yama came to take the soul of saint to hell. The saint argued with Yama Kinkara as ‘Oh! Soldiers of God Yama! This lady had done sin though out her life as prostitution. I was a saint. How she was eligible to go to heaven and why I’m eligible to go to hell?”

The Yama Kinkara’s replied him “Look Son! She had done sin physically but she thought to lead holy life with mind. That’s why her soul is going to heaven where as her body is getting terrible treatment on the earth. Every body in the village is scolding her and throwing stones at her dead body. No cremation is taking place properly. The eagles and vultures are eating her body, as a punishment of her daily sin. In your case, you were a Saint physically but you left holy thoughts and devotional thoughts. Always you thought about her sin, her gallant’s counts and about her jolly life. That’s why your soul deserves to go to hell. But your body is getting grand treatment on the earth. Every body in the village is praising you and throwing flowers at your dead body. Grand procession and rich cremation is taking place there. A granite tomb is constructing for your corpse. This scene you can watch on the earth from here, if you want.”

That’s the entire story.

This story gives us more clarity about our Trikarana shuddi. That means perform any duty with mind, speech, and work.

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