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Coup On Literature – 1 [The first story of every kid]

In the history books, most of us had read as “At the time of Guptas or at the time of SriKrishna Deva Raya or at the time of Bhoja Raja, the arts and literature were at high level.” Generally, we won’t pay much attention towards such statement.

But if we consider about the level of arts and especially the level of literature deeply, we can know much about the society and human life of that particular time. The level of literature shows the level of human thoughts and feelings. It explains the life style of human beings, the courtesy of human behavior, their ideas, their ideology etc. The literature reflects almost every point of society. The literature influences almost every aspect of the society.

Such literature, once upon a time, only confined to certain categories of people. It was understood by some people only. Most of the common public especially poor, didn’t know the butter of literature. That’s why so many great people and poets like Gidugu Rama Murthy, Gurajada Appa Rao etc. in Telugu, had propagated public language instead of typical language. Whatever had happened in past, whatever is happening at present and whatever will happen in future, we have to approach or we have to consider them with respective faith to people or with respective human welfare. We should not argue by creating paradox.

Unfortunately or strategically, some people used to create such paradoxes and some of the media is supporting this nonsense of paradoxes. In fact, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters are behind this strategy.

So many examples that I can refer, such as the recent debate among Chandra Sekhara Rao, politician, Telangana Rashtra Samithi and Smt. Galla Aruna Kumari, Minister of Medical & Medical Education, other politicians of congress regarding the native of Mahakavi Potanna. What is the gain or loss if Maha Kavi Potanna born in Warangal district of Telangana and if he lives in cuddapha of Rayala seema, when we neglect what he told and what he practiced in his life? It is a political drama to create differences among Telugu people of Telangana and Rayala Seema; by raising such debates like the policy of general Dupley of British, i.e. divide and rule policy or it is like Kanika neethi of Mahabharatam. Wherever Potanna born and where ever he lived is it that much important than our effort to follow his faithful way and thoughts?

Maha Kavi Potanna, he dedicated his talent, his creations of literature to God Sri Rama. After the writing of ‘Bhogini Dandakam’, he had quit such service to dedicate his literature to kings and other rich men and he devoted himself to God Sri Rama. Though he experienced poverty, he didn’t praised kings for the sake of money.

He said.

“కాటుక కంటి నీరుచను
కట్టుపై బడ ఏల ఏడ్చెదో గాదిలి
కోడల నిను నీ కరాళ
రాచ కీటకముల కమ్మ నమ్ము భారతీ!”

“I won’t sell you, o goddess of literature; mother Saraswathi, to any king. Please don’t feel sorrow.” It was the depth feeling of idealism and devotion towards God.

For the sake of money, for the sake of wealth, he didn’t praise kings or rich people. What most of people are doing now? They praise boss for the sake of leave or incriments in salary. They scratch his back for the sake of promotion or transfer. They scratch their colleague’s pocket for the sake of liquor party.

With this back ground what the leaders have to do? Or what the media have to do? Whether creating such debates regarding his nativity? Or motivating the people to live for the sake of truth?

When the literature is at high level, depends upon its popularity we can determine the level of public thoughts, idealistic views, decency, refinement, and totally their way of living. When the literature is at sexual literature level, whoever such poet or writer like Kavi Choudappa of past or some of writers of now-a-days, depends upon its popularity we can determine the materialistic attitude or lust full life of public.

All over the world, in each and every language, there might be the everlasting treasure of literature. Due to electronic media or due to the strategic neglecting of rulers and corporate business encroaching, the readability, the patronization of literature is gradually decreasing. It is utter coup, nothing else! If people are with readability, their imaginary power will increase. Then they can identify the present situation of governments, corporate companies and the business of both, as well as people can guess the future of their lives. They can imagine the influence of business and they can calculate or measure or analyze the impact of strategy of business who ever doing such business whether Government or Corporate companies or Spying Agencies.

To prevent this only, readability is getting killed in the Childhood of public life itself as in the school level.

If you want to verify this, you observe the schoolchildren syllabus, their daily program of work, totally schoolchild life. On the other hand, observe you’re self by reading a novel, and by watching a movie, which produced on the story of the same novel. When we read a novel, we can have a shire over that story along with the novelist. Off course beyond the writer i.e. novelist also, we can imagine our own scenery regarding that story. It is totally our world. We are the king or Queen of that world. But if we watch a novelistic movie, we have to watch it through the spectacles of the movie director. That’s all.

Your experience or experiment leads you to conclude the direct proportionality of imagination power and readability.

Here I want to touch some little and beautiful stories for you. These stories are as some cashew nuts fried in pure ghee in the sweet Kheer. Every child and every adult can enjoy their taste extract their morals.

A little and logical story.

అనగా అనగా …

Long long ago, there was a king. He had seven songs. Seven sons had gone to forest caught seven fish. They kept them in sun light to dry up. Six fishes were dried and seventh fish did not.

“Fish! Fish! Why didn’t you dry up?” They asked.

“Grass bundle came across me to sun light.”

“Grass bundle! Grass bundle! Why did you come across?”

“Horse didn’t eat the grass.”

“Horse! Horse! Why didn’t you eat the grass?”

“The little boy didn’t feed me.”
“Little boy! Little boy! Why didn’t you feed the horse?”

“Grandmother didn’t give food to me.”

“Grandmother! Grandmother! Why didn’t you give food to the little boy?”

“The kid had cried.”

“The kid! The kid! Why did you cry?”

“The ant bite me.”

“Ant! Ant! Why you biten the kid?”

“When she put finger in my golden ant hill, why didn’t I bite her?”

That’s the entire story!

This is the first story of every kid in our society since centuries. Nobody knows its author. My child enjoyed it as her first story and repeatedly she heard it like all other kids. My self, my parents, my grand parents and great grand parents, and every person in our society had the same experience as the above is their first story in life.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coup On Public Attitude – Its Influence On Society – 4[In those days]

From all sides, human life style in India was in such a way to practice truth, hard working, devotion, knowledge, detachment, sacrifice and adventurous nature. Our life style, traditions, culture, festival celebration methods etc. everything used to induce will power in people. In Indian culture, sleeping without disturbance, sound sleeping without dreams used to treat as luxury i.e. Happiness. In English culture, while sleeping, having sweet dreams used to treat as happiness. That’s why they used to say ‘Sweet dreams’ as a night wish. In Indian culture, we used to say from Childhood,”Imptho Haye Hayi ………Jo, Jo, Jo. Go sound sleep.” That means, “No joy in this world. Imptho Haye means No Joy.”

We won’t preach our children to run after luxuries. We teach our children to enjoy in working. That’s why only we wish our children at bed time to have sound sleep without dreams, to enable them to wake up in morning after complete relax and to enter into the work with increased energy. That’s why only we won’t wish them to gobble or to gulp luxury while sleeping i.e. in the form of sweet dreams in sleep.

That much difference is there in the attitude of Indians and others. But now, by losing that nativity, Indians are running after luxuries while in wake up and in sleeping.

Such that all the proverbs, idioms, stories, arts, epics try their level best to keep the human brain in faithful way and to prevent the human brain from evil thoughts. By inducing good thoughts in them by provoking good believes as love to faith and fear to sin, the Indian life style organized the human society in a peaceful way. It is a network. Unfortunately or strategically, it was broken down. At least now, itself, let us reconstruct it. Our life should not be with materialism. We need matter, we need money, and we need things to lead our life in comfortable way and in luxurious way. But it is not all the life. It is not the ambition of life. It is not goal of life.

Life should be with idealistic views. We must enjoy the feelings. We must enjoy the bondage. We must enjoy the belongingness. Both the materialism and idealism must be in limits in our life. Bhagavad Geetha says this limits only.

యుక్తాహార విహారస్య యుక్తచేష్టస్య కర్మసు
యుక్త స్వప్నావబోధస్య యోగో భవతి దుఃఖహా

We must practice limits in eating, sleeping, enjoying, and even in working.
Unfortunately or strategically, now people had forgotten to live with morals values. They are running after earning money.

But we have to remember. Sir Bhadra chala Ramadasa kruthi i.e. song.

“లక్షాధికారులైనా లవణా మన్నము గానీ
బంగారు కణికలు మ్రింగా లేరుగా మంచి
పలుకే బంగార మయేనా కోదండరామ”

That means,

Lakhiers, carodpathi, or milliners, can’t eat gold instead of rice and salt. This word is golden word.

Is it not golden word?

Whatever manner we live, how much we earn, we can’t take it with us. We can’t take our body even. We can’t live forever though we wish to live. In any sense, life on this earth is not permanent. How much wealth we create, whatever we give to our children, we will die one day. Though we earn wealth, who will give peace in life? Peace also we have to create like money. Earning money in materialist activity. Earning peace is idealistic activity. We need both money as well peace. Without peace we can’t enjoy money as well without money, we can’t get peace.

Money can be earned by physical and brain industry. Peace can be earned by morality: truth and faithful behavior. In single word, peace can be earned only with moral values.

’ Here I’ll narrate you an argument from Ramayana Visha Vruksham written by Ranga Nayakamma a Telugu Novelist. She narrated the story of Ramayanam with critical approach.

In the context of demanding two boons by Kaika Devi from Raja Dasaratha, she argued as “Raja Dasaratha was saying that he had so much love and affection on Rama. So, because of the departure of Rama from him, he precasted that he couldn’t live. That’s why he tried to please Kaika Devi and almost begged her to drop her boon as sending Rama to forest. But he didn’t ready to lose his heaven opportunity, by disobeying his own promise of booms to Kaika. If he had real love on Rama, he could drop back his word of boons to Kaika and install Rama on the crown, instead of sending him to forest. He felt fear to loss the opportunity to live in heaven after death, that’s why he stood on his word. Like that successfully the authoress Ranga Nayakamma picturised Raja Dasaratha as a man who had so much desire on luxuries, and happiness and he had lust to enjoy with beautiful divine women like Rambha, Urvashi etc. in the heaven.

Such that successfully or strategically, the authoress had forgotten, that Raja Dasaratha was ready to leave his life for the sake of word keeping. And it was easy for him to forget the promise, which he gave to Kaika, or disobey it bluntly instead of sending Rama to forest. But he felt fear towards sin of lie. That’s why he was ready to die and died. Otherwise, if he keeps out his own promise what will happen. If the king himself, if the leader of society himself, does such, keeping away their own words without implementing, what will happen? Everybody in the society will follow it. Whenever they feel difficulty to keep their promise into implementation, they will be ready to disobey them without the fear of losing heaven or without the fear of getting hell after death. Then where will be the peace in life?

On the other hand, these authoress and other such type authors, some other fame persons argued that there was no heaven or hell. To Control the common people, some perverted, some top casts like Brahmins had created and propagated these believes of heaven and hell. That’s all. There was no heaven or hell. In fact, caste-ism by birth is bad tradition. But Bhagavad Geetha and other Sanskrit literature do not support caste-ism by birth. This I’ll discuss in other part of these writing.

As per their argument also they won’t accept that Raja Dasaratha done correct. When the existence of heaven was uncertain, he could prefer to enjoy life on this earth so that he could disobey his promise to send Rama to forest. But he didn’t it. He had commitment regarding his promise, so he preferred death. So that he preferred idealistic values such as truth and commitment of talks.

Such epics of morals, idealistic values influenced the public to lead life with morality. People can lead peaceful life with morals. Some of the morals, ideals, aims and targets, in one word attitude of public i.e. most of the people was with self-respect, self-satisfaction, self-confidence, self-X and self-Y. That means people used to prefer self i.e. Atma or spirit to rupee.

In the villager’s opinion, Farmer had much importance. The king and his administration should remember that their lives depend on farmers. All the artists used to praise the farmers as ‘Maa raju’ [our king]. I myself had observed it in my childhood. Slowly after 30 years, the farmers himself is feeling now inferior.

In this juncture, can’t we say that the public attitude was tuned to change?

In those days who ever sacrificed self-luxuries, self-wealth was treated as great person.

In these days, whoever earns much wealth is considered as great persons.

In those days, when poor or traveler asks for water, the host used to give buttermilk.

In these days, people are trying to snatch the others food.

In those days, people used to think that our faithful activities would save our children in life as well our sins would destroy their lives.

In these days, people are running to give the bundles of currency to their children without the particularity of good and evil or morality and immorality.

In those days, people were with self-respect and self-confidence.

In these days, people are with self-pity and egoistic.

In those days, people were awaritive about human relations.

In these days, people are awaritive about economic relations.

In those days, people were co-operative among all groups such as Boss vs. Sub ordinate, wife vs. husband, parents vs. children, Teacher vs. Student, host vs. guests, among neighbors, ruler vs. people, scholars vs. innocence, and artists vs. art patronizers. People had maturity to grasp spirit of the arts, language, literature and everything. People had maturity to grasp truth and logic. Common person i.e. ordinary farmer had such a priority as receiving every service of washer men, barber, brazier, oil maker, weaver etc at his doorstep. The other professionals were treated well by farmers and farmers were served well by other professionals.

But now? How we are? If anybody argue with me that there were ‘no such those days’ about which I narrated in the above, I agree with them.

If anybody argue with me that there was no ’Krutha Yugam’ or Satyakalam at which time, people were faithful & truthful, I agree with them.

If such faithful time was not there in the past, why don’t we welcome it now? Why don’t we dream it to happen, and why don’t we effort it to happen?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Coup On Public Attitude – Its Influence On Society – 3 [World Family – Vasudhika Kutumbam]

Now, I hope that you can identify the conditions of the world and the relation of its cause and effect.

If we refer the above example of family, who have to control the strong and early fellows to leave food for weak and late comers? The religious believes perform such duty of control on society. The belief of the existence of God, his ability of watching every body’s activities either good or bad, the existence of heaven and hell could control the society to proceed in faithful and peaceful way.

Indians feel that their country is like their family. That’s why they used to describe a good king as “So and so king had ruled his people as if they were his children”, or “So and so king had taken care of his people like a father”. Indians used to call the good kings as “Ramayya Thandri” which means “Rama our father”. That’s why only Indians could call Gandhiji as ‘Bapuji’ and Indira Gandhi as ‘Indiramma’. That’s why only Indian calls their co-citizens as brother and sisters.

In India, except Hyderabad Nizam and Aurangzeb of Delhi Muslim kings no other king had harassed people. There was no ‘magna carta’ on Indian kings by people. There was no ‘Gelatin use’ on any race of kings in India. There was no need of ‘Congress of Vienna’ to any king in India to cheat public.

Because, Indians could think all the co-citizens are like a family members. That’s why Indians only could imagine ‘Vasudhika Kutumbam’, which means “The world as one family”. Such faithfulness and loving nature is the ancestral asset of Indians.

That’s why only in Indian history, and in Hindu Mythology, Rama who ever sacrificed his kingdom, became God. He did not kill his brothers and father like Aurangzeb in case of Shajahan in Indian history. Gauthama Buddha, who ever left his kingdom to think to eliminate the sorrows from human life became God. The king Asoka, who killed his brothers, could place in the equivalent position with Aurangzeb if he didn’t merge as Dharma Ashok from Chanda Asoka.

This is the Indian Blood.

This is the Human Blood.

So many kings had ruled this land in previous. Did public remember them? One Bhoja, one Samudra Gupta, one Sri Krishna Devaraya, one Akbar like that, very few are remembered by public. I’m not saying about the record in history. I’m saying, only about the record in public mind. There are so many musicians, now and in past. Only Tyagayya, Annamayya, Tukaram like that very few are in public memory. Who ever lived without selfishness, with sacrifice, with kind to public are still living in public hearts though their physical body died centuries back.

There is nothing wrong, if a person lives for himself. But there is a divine touch, if a person lives for others. In such a way, a common man can become as Mahatma. Bapuji i.e. Matma Gandhi is live example for this.

In now-a-days, like match fixings, there are possibilities to get fame as social servants and poor serving people. The media can give such fame and relevant awards to popular the persons who have the desire of limelight. Regarding my complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu, when I met another media man Mr. Sai Baba who is working in competitive paper to Enadu i.e. Vaartha, he explained me with high patience about this system of getting popularity. The full particulars of this issue I explained under the caption of ‘RAMOJI RAO’S WRITINGS AND ACTIVITIES BEFORE 1992 AND AFTER 1992’.

But one thing we have to notice here. The popularity, the fame, the image through media or something else like that, also temporary. There is no difference between material and popularity. If we do any work with the desire to get popularity is equivalent to the work, doing with the desire to get money or wealth. Doing good for the sake of good is divine activity. Such good souls only can live on this earth even after their death. This is because; the time has the ability of proving the truth. The strategy of BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES cannot super emboss or mesmerize the people for long time. Such fame fixing has temporary effect.

In fact, we believe that whatever we do either good or evil, whether people notice it or not, but God will notice it. Whatever we do, we should feel comfortable with our selves. If we are not comfortable with others, we move apart from them. We prevent their involvement in our life. In such case if we are not comfortable with our selves, how can we prevent ourselves?

Here I refer a story from Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa Bhodhamrutham i.e. preaches.

One day, a saint was going beside a village tank. Some mischievous children had driven an animal i.e. cow or buffalo into a mud dig and harassing it. The animal was suffering from their violence; the naughty children were enjoying it. Some villagers were watching it. But nobody could prevent the children beware of their violent nature. By watching all of that, the saint could not keep calm. He tried to prevent the children, from throwing stones towards the animal. He effort to pull out the animal from mud dig and driven it from that place. While doing such, he fallen on the ground, in the mud, but he could save the animal. The villagers laughed at him.

While he was washing his body in the village tank, some of the villagers asked him, why he took such an effort to save the animal by taking risk of striking of stones. He replied those “My little fathers! I didn’t save the animal for the sake of you, or for the sake of children or for the sake of good and evil. I saved it for the sake of myself. By watching such violence on the other living being, I was not comfortable. To make myself comfortable, to make my mind peaceful, I done such. That’s all!”

Here Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa preached us that ‘every human being has his own ‘Antherwani’ i.e. inner voice. If we hear to it, we will be peaceful and comfortable with us. If we nullify it, the impeacefulness encroaches on us and drives us from ourselves.’

If we have good communication with ourselves that means if we hear and follow our inner voice: God will see us and we can see God. To support this Bhagavad Geetha preach us that our mind itself is our friend as well our enemy.

The believes what I mentioned above, all are influenced public. Because of that, only I could read them on books and anybody could read them. Because such thoughts and attitude was influenced public, that’s why only they were recorded in books. This is the faithful side i.e. head of the coin. The tail of coin is evil thoughts i.e. thoughts of violence, sex, easy money making and thought of enjoying the fruit without harvesting it. This thought is nothing but robbery. Unfortunately, such thought of robbery and ability of robbering got such a positive caption as successes or victory. Such robbers got the image of rich or fame.

Actually, in each and every person, some good and some bad are there. In this nature, in which manner they day and night or day are there, in such manner, every living being has something good and advantage nature and something bad and disadvantage nature. If a person has more good qualities, than the evil qualities, he is known as good man. If a person has more bad qualities, than the good qualities, he is known as bad man.

In fact, in Indian society, there was a system to highlight the good qualities
through all the art forms, music, literature and idioms, and all other propaganda channels. The elders lead the youth in such faithful way, as “Yadha Raja, Thadha Praja i.e. How the leaders and kings are, the people will be like that only.”

Such that in Indian Tradition, there was a network to create work-joy culture. People used to enjoy in work. The target shown to public was performing their work by leaving the result to God. By the way, they could enjoy the work without the tension of result. The reverse order of this, is enjoying the fruit i.e. result without working. This is happening now. Corruptive methods, rank fixings, match fixings, purchasing of jobs and all methods of immorality is nothing but enjoying the fruit without working i.e. thiefting the result. I’m not saying that all the past was good. There were also good & evil. But majority proportion was good.

People were encouraged to speak truth. The truth telling personalities were worshipped as Gods, like Sri Rama. The life histories of men who practiced truth telling were treated as epics like Satya Haritschandra. The question of Sri Rama’s existence and Satya Haritschandra’s existence is meaningless. Whether some man, Sri Rama could live on this earth, or not, whether some man, Harris Chandra could live really in this earth, or not, whether such epic leaders are really lived persons or imaginary roles by poets, but the values what they practiced are real values. Such values and such Characters could motivate the people to practice the same values. Mahatma Gandhi is live example for it. How much inspiration he got from the story of Satya Haritschandra, we know, everybody knows.

In such case, why not the debates on the existence of roles in epics, is the mislead and misguide of public from the practice of prescribed values in epics by the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters?

That’s why only in past, hundreds of poets & poets had written Ramayana, Maha Bharatha, Bhagavathans in different Indian languages. No one like Ranga Nayakamma had written Ramayana Vishavruksham.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coup On Public Attitude – Its Influence On Society – 2 [Theist Vs Atheist]

All of Indian philosophy reminds this only to the people whenever it is possible and however it is possible. All of their life style is a creeper plant on the trunk of the above said philosophical tree.

Here I narrate a story to you. This is in the Aranya parvam of Maha Bharatam. Markandeya Maharishi tells this story to Dharma raja.

When the Pandavas were living in forest due to the condition of Aranya Parvam, one day Markandeya visited them. He counseled them by explaining the other great personalities like Sri Rama, Nala Maharaja who faced difficulties in life because of Dharma i.e. faith, and motivated them.

In that context, Dharma raja asked him as “Mahamuni, oh! Great saint. As per your knowledge, you are long living man on this earth. Is there anybody like you?”

With gentle smile, Markandeya Maharishi said, “Dharma Raja, you asked a good question. The answer should know. Listen with pleasure.

In ancient time, there was one king by name Indra Dyumna. He done so many good things, donations and faithful things to others and public. He was famed, as no other man was as faithful as himself. He was called as Rajarshi. After the completion of his lifetime, he died and reached heaven. So long, time passed there. In the heaven, they told that his earned fruit of faith was end, so that he had to leave the heaven. By saying like this, the heaven deities sent him down.

While the king was coming down to earth. I saw him. He asked me “Maharishi! Do you know me?”

By that time, I was tired with pilgrimage, devotional activities. So that I said “Sorry my dear boy. I forgot.

Then he asked me “Father. Do you know any living being elder to you, which is alive on the earth?

I replied him “There is an owl by name Pravakarnam in the Himalayas. It is elder to me. If you effort some more, you can locate it”

He requested me to accompany him. Both of we approached the owl. He asked the owl “Do you know me?” The bird replied “No” He asked the bird “Do you know anybody elder to you?”

It replied as “Oh! My little father! There is a lake some distant to here. It is called as Indra Dyumna Lake. In that lake, there is a crane by name Nadi Jhangham. It is elder to me.”

Along with the bird, both of we approached the lake. The king asked previous questions. The Crane replied, as “There is a tortoise by name Aakuparam in this lake itself. It is born before to me. So it is elder to me.

When the king called on that tortoise and asked the same question to it, with sorrowful voice, and tears in eyes, it replied “Oh! My dear sons! What a great king was Indra Dyumna. He had done 1000 yagnams. This lake was formed by the sinking of ground here, due to the travelling of number of cows, which he donated, to poor people. This faith is his only! By the kindness of that king only, I am living here happily.”

Within that moment, the deities came and took him to heaven. That means as long as our fame of faith fullness is on the earth, we will be in heaven. Similarly, as long as our notoriousness of evil nature is on the earth, we will be in hell.

That’s the entire story.

Here I’m not welcoming the debates on the believes such as heaven, long life without death etc. because, the believes, that to religious believes are personal believes, and ancestral believes. It is not decency to debate on it. Because, the belief of god itself is the belief only. When a Nasthik i.e. an atheist ask to show God, nobody can show him. Existence of God is belief. God is nowhere. God concept is the imagination of human being: - this is also belief. To both of the concepts nobody can show proofs, as in science concepts. By standing on the same base, how the Nasthik i.e. an atheist and Asthik i.e. theist could debate over the belief? Everybody has their own believes. Nobody should critic over it. Whatever your believes are, those are your believes and no way connective to me. As well, whatever my believes are, those are mine and no way relation to you. I should respect you and your believes. As well you should respect me and my believes. Being citizens, it is our minimum courtesy and minimum decency.

But unfortunately, on Indian life style, on Indian believes, on Indian culture and on Hindu religion, so many critics, so many ironical writings, so many funny comments, and so many cartoons were poured like rainwater from clouds. Even now also, if you watch on the festival contexts of Deepavali, Dasserah, Vinayaka Chaturdhi, Shivarathiri etc. there will be number of cartoons on Hindu Gods, with funny comments on current political or social affairs, and with funny caricatures. If single sentence or comment passed on other religions like Islam etc., there will be Fatwa to murder one Salmon Rushdie and one Thaslima Nasrin. What a pity of it? Much pity is some of strategic Hindus now-a-days are trying to follow such Fatwa nature. May be in other religions also, it might be strategy, by some of extremists. But, any Hindu, if he don’t tolerate others feelings & believes, if he does not show patience, definitely he should not be call as Hindu.

Because, in Hinduism, there is no ‘one God concept’. There are three crores of deities. Though there is the concept of Paramathma i.e. Para Brahma, the unique of universe; as in Advitham; to pray, to perform pooja, to devote three crores of deities are available to Hindus. So to accept one more or some more Gods of other religions, they will not protest. It is in our blood as religion tolerance. Our Sanskrit Philosophy states that “యద్భావం తద్భవతి” means, in which ever means Man think about God, God will be like that to him. Hindu people believe that ‘Whatever sin we do, we have to experience its influence. Same case with everybody. Everybody will get appropriate punishment for one’s sin. Such is the tolerance nature of a Hindu.

Here, I return to the story of Indradyumna. People used to practice balance of mind to follow the faithful way, which was known as Dharma: with hope or desire of living in heaven for long time after death on this earth. With the desire on heaven, they could get the stamina to control their evil thoughts and evil activities. By this type of practice in life, people developed an attitude such as – after our death, the good things what we done must remain. Irrespective of the doubts of existence of heaven, the belief of heaven could keep the people in such a condition to practice and to live in faithful way. The belief of existence of hell prescription of punishments by God Yama Dharma Raja, the record of our sins on the earth by Chitragupta etc. could prevent the people from evil.

But strategically 40 to 50 years back, such believes were criticized like anything. Such strategy is still in implementation. So many debates, Novels, Books, Essays, and Movies tried their level best to demolish that foundation of believes. Books like Ramayana Visha Vruksham, Weeklies, and Tabloids etc. done their level best effort to do so. Under the caption of COUP ON INDIAN EPICS, I can give detail discussion on it. Here I refer movies like Devanthakudu, Yamagola, Yama Donga, Yama X and Yama Y etc. etc.

In our mythology i.e. epics, God Yama has Atma Gnanam, i.e. Extreme knowledge. That means, after knowing such, all our doubts will be clear and nothing else to know. By knowing Atma Gnanam, man will be merge in God i.e. Moksham. God Yama has another name as Sama Varthi. That means he behave with equal approach to anybody, he won’t show any partiality or selfish or something like that natures while implementing his duty to rule hell. He has such dedication.

The human beings, by having the thought of death, tremble like anything. If they face any danger, they fear like anything. But how dare to put jokes on God Yama? In spite of such strategy also, Hindus, won’t humiliate on it or agitate on it. In spite of such movies or funny cartoons on it, even though they enjoy and the laugh with such movies, they show fear and devotion towards their deities.

But here, I’m asking you that, such movies or critics, can anybody make on any other religion? I agree that such moviemakers i.e. producers; directors etc. all are Hindus; I won’t get angry on them like my Co-Indians and Co-Hindus in cores in population. Because, as our belief ‘whatever the good and evil, the people do in their life, they will get the relevant result. We are nothing and we have nothing on that issue.

Here I want to expose the impact of such approach in society. With all such movies, writings, speeches, debates, 40 to 50 years back, strategically a concept was introduced and it is still in continuation as “Who had seen whether the heaven or hell are there or not. To grip on weak, poor or lower [so-called] casts, the upper castes or rich or authorities created such believes.

“చచ్చాక దొరికే ఆ రంభ కన్నా!ఇప్పుడు నచ్చినట్టి పిల్లే బల్లన్నుల మిన్న ”

That means, after our death, we don’t know whether we go to heaven or not, we don’t know whether we enjoy the beauty Rumba’s company or not, so than the living in heaven, living like that of in heaven on this earth is much better. So enjoy now. No limits. No conditions. Enjoy yourself.

This was the beginning later acceleration had applied. Actually, it is the Materialistic attitude. It is selfish attitude. This introduced in India centuries back whenever the invasion of Muslims & Christians were started. And, I won’t say that before these invasions, in India there was no materialistic attitude or selfish attitude. But, to practice it bluntly, people used to fear. That much of grip, the society, and the elders had on public.

Gradually, the running with Materialistic views started, and slowly the net work of Idealism which enabled to keep public life style within certain limits to protect the peacefulness and joy fullness i.e. law and order got break.

Hence result we are experiencing now in our busy life. Here I narrate you one example in our daily life. Suppose a family consisting father, mother and children. Suppose some hot chips etc. junk food, fruits and sweets etc. delicious food items, are there on the dining table along with lunch like rice, curries and curd. Naturally, relative to rice and curries, chips, fruits etc, eatable are more attractive. If everybody in that family becomes selfish, busy and not able to think about the others in the family, what will happen? Whoever is strong and who ever come early to dining table, they could enjoy the food and they could eat up all the delicious and qualitative food leaving the relative tasteless and quality less food for others. If the food on the dining table is limited, then there won’t be any food for weak and late comers.

Is it not applicable for a country or whole world?
Suppose if the head of the family, either mother or father take precautions to distribute all the food among all of the family members, what will happen? Nobody could eat up snacks and fruits like rice, and nobody could suffer with hunger. In fact, the early fellow who ate much and who ate in reasonable i.e. unhealthy food that means snacks instead of rice could suffer with illness. The late fellow who faced lack of food also could face illness. Then where will be the joy and peace in the family?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coup On Public Attitude – Its Influence On Society – 1 [people follow whatever the top persons in society follow ]

Attitude – the way in which a person thinks is his attitude. The way in which a person watches any issue is his attitude. The way in which a person receives any issue is his attitude. The way in which a person reacts or responds towards any issue is his attitude. Totally, the way in which a person leads his life is determined by his attitude.

A person’s attitude designs his life style. A person’s attitude decides his way of approach to everything, every issue and every work. Parents’ attitude constructs the foundation of their children lives. Teacher’s attitude influences the student’s education. The attitude of family leader, it maybe father or mother, or grandparent, acquires a position for that family in the society. Hence, we can deduce that the attitude of public can write the fate of their country. Totally public attitude has important role in every respect.

Because of this fact only, political parties are investing on pre-pole surveys to know what public trend is, what is public attitude, who can get the majority is how to influence the public and how to convince the public.

Because of this fact only, corporate companies and other business institutions are investing on market survey to design their advertising campaigns and to hit their products. Because of this fact only, cinema teams are conducting pre and post releasing programs of their cinemas.

Trend, fashion, patronization, popularity, image etc. are subtitles of public attitude.

But in this context the most unbelievable fact is – “BLACK GOAT-FOUR THIEVES”. The real public thinking and opinion put side. By repeated saying, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters in masks of politicians, intellectuals, No.1’s in different fields, as well as the media could create their desired opinion as public opinions. By the way, successfully they could superimpose their strategies on the faces of public. But we should express our thanks to God as such situation is getting changed to some extent since 1992 in India.

Actually, in olden days, in India, there was no media to propagate news or information. The entire news and information used to propagate through oral publicity only. In those days, media was in the form of arts, literature, and administrative concepts of king. To all of this, Temples were basic units. The temple fairs, festivals & celebrations in temples had worked as News & information centers. Totally, religious believes, religious ideas had great influence on the public attitude.

I’m not saying that all the past is good. As well, I’m not saying all the present is bad. Relative to present, in some angles, past is good. Relative to past, in some angles present is good. We have to acquire good from past & present and from all possible sources and we have to nullify evil wherever and whenever it finds. Unfortunately the vice versa is happening. In spite of people struggle, in spite of people protest, some invisible force is applying to implement “selection of evil and destruction of good”. Confirm, I can say this, and if you observe keenly, if you search for truth, you definitely agree with me.

Any way, in past i.e. centuries back, before the entry of Ghajani Mohammed, Ghori Mohammad etc. etc. Muslims in to India, before the entry of British, French etc. etc. Christians, in to India, public attitude was different. Naturally after invasions, due to the interaction of other religions, traditions, culture, a change in life style and attitude of public was occurred. Indians learnt some good and some bad from every event and it was history. We can’t blame or claim the history. We can’t change it. But we can analyze the history to know what happened, why happened. By the way, at least, we can learn how to create such environment in society in which good can be increased and bad can be decreased.

In Indian blood, there is patience, faith, and trust on God, tolerance, sacrificed nature and truth loving nature. I believe that anywhere in world, human blood is basically with the above said nature.

Here I refer you the first sentence of Russo’s social contract “Man is born free, but every where he is in chains.” Similarly, human baby is born with faithful mind. The elders spoil them. The same, Mrs. Kili Hemlin stated with her experiments about which I narrated under the caption of brought up of children. The word ‘elders’ I used for whom, they dominate the society and lead the society. Those dominators or leaders may be politicians, rulers, celebrities, media, or persons who famed as intellectuals or No.1 in their concern fields.

Because by birth itself, persons have such nature to follow the elders.


“ యద్య దాచరతి శ్రేష్ఠ స్తత్త దేవేతరో జనః
స యత్ర్పమాణం కురుతే లోక స్త దనువర్తతే ”

That means people follow whatever the top persons in society follow. People consider the parameters, which were considered by the top persons as best. This I refer under the caption of Responsibility of Media also.

That’s why in ancient India, the public attitude was maintained and carefully protected like valuable asset. Yes, it is truth that the public attitude is valuable asset. We can determine or calculate its worth: because country means not floor, not mud. Country means its people. The great Telugu poet Gurujada Apparao said those golden words.

When a stone is there on the road, nobody will notice it. We may push it with feet. No value for it? If a sculpture made that stone into beautiful idol of God? We keep it in temple and devote it. It the sculpture made that stone into the shape of beautiful doll, we keep it in the drawing room. Its cost will be much in money. How the waste stone, stone became valuable thing? The manpower created such value. The human resources are everlasting natural wealth.

In such case, in any country if people become lazy, if people become illogic, if people become liquor addicts or Narcotic addicts, how such country could develop?

In Indian culture, in Indian blood, there is an undercurrent of idealism. People think that this body, the beauty of this body, the strength of this body, the luxuries of this body, everything relates to this human body is temporary. When the day comes on which the death call on us, we have to follow it. However, our body’s beauty, strength, ability or richness, we have to leave this physical body on the earth i.e. in physical nature, and we have to follow the death. So, only spiritual life is permanent. The soul is permanent. Whatever the good or evil works we do, it is permanent. The human body will die but the fame or popularity never dies. The word what we talk, the work what we do, the way in which we behave will remain after we die.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coup to Demolish The Logical Sense - 2

The logical sense leads the persons to face their fate, to identify their capabilities and in-capabilities, to recognize their problems, to find out their solutions, to control their emotions, to balance their mind and to behave in right manner.

The entire system which can keep the people with common sense and logic sense got disturbed. Why I use ‘common sense’ is, now maximum proportion of public forgotten to think from others view; and thinking and talking with selfishness.

I observed keenly public life style at different levels including slum areas, lower middle class, upper middle class and high class in terms of money. The people irrespective of their social and financial status are habituated to think from their angle only, rather than to think from all angles. Many people habituated to talk, to behave thoughtlessly, with selfish nature.

Some of the public thoughts are – “Because you are well in financial situation, you have to share something money or matter to me. Otherwise I irritate you or I trouble you”.

This is the impact of demolish of logic sense. The sense of thought as “everybody had their own fate, every body had their own advantages or disadvantages, we should not compare with others, we should not feel jealous of others, everybody had their own limits to behave” is vanished from society. The lust for easy money may create this. The greediness increased in public thinking. The selfishness increased and self respect decreased. Unlimited corruption is driving the people to feel thrust towards easy money. That created snatching psychology in them. I am not saying all the people are like this. But I’m saying, many people, at their levels are like this only.

In past, art forms had done the duty of mirrors, in society to able the people to watch their own images in those mirrors and to correct themselves in behaviors and in thinking. Now the only remained art form either i.e. media print or electronic including cinema, is doing the duty of magic lenses to tune them as in the BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES story.

Since the logic sense lost by the public, there are some perversions like, “If others are laughing means, we are crying”, and “If we make others to get loss only, we can get profit” etc. Unlimited competition in life is resulted in these perversions. It created snatching psychology in society.

The unlimited competition of drinking milk by running had created insecurity in life. It is leading the persons to think negatively about all others. Ultimately a trouble creating environment is formed every where. Among all sections of people, among human beings and nature, among human beings and other living beings, the non co-operative and non-coordinative situations are formed.

If negative thinking dominates the persons, they won’t be good listeners, they won’t be good receivers. They won’t be good donors and they won’t be good speakers. Totally, they won’t respond in appropriate way towards any issue. In other words, their every reaction will be inappropriate towards every action.

Ultimately, the public life will be filled with impeacefulness and the country will collapse with internal wars.

By this way, is it not easy to capture any country by its enemy country? Then why not a spying coup is like this?

I believe that these types of spying coups are happening in many countries. And I hope that young generation of every country can observe their mother land conditions & problems and the youth can save their Nationality in all parts of the world.

If logic sense lost in the public, they won’t analyze the relation between action and its reason. Utterly, people will lose the reasonability. Gradually they will lose the ability of thinking. Then they won’t accept mistakes in their behavior, thinking and activities. If any family is like this, then there won’t be any need for an enemy to collapse that family. The family members themselves can perform such duty. Same case is applicable to any country. And the same is happening since decades of long time in India. I won’t feel wonder it the same is happening in many many parts of the world.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Coup to Demolish The Logical Sense - 1

In our society, logical sense has been supplying from generation to generation in the pattern of stories. Parents and grandparents have been telling stories to the children. The epics are everlasting treasure of stories. Stories with little moral had used to construct good character in children. Folk stories had used to excite them and motivate them towards adventures. Chatrapati Shivaji’s life was filled with patriotism and adventurous because of his Mother Jijiya Bai who told him stories in full length, in his childhood. Such historical monumental personalities we know. There were story tellers in our society as professionals in past. Those were Hari Kaathakulu, Burra kathakulu, Oggu kathakulu, Bhagavathulu, Purana Pandithulu and so many folk artists. This all was once upon a time. Not now, the media, either electronic [T.V. serial] or print media is telling stories and we are hearing them. That’s all, Nalla Meka – Naluguru Dongalu. I.e. BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES

By nullifying all the other arts, creating monopoly art such as cinema, it is easy to create any trend. It is easy to collect their commissions, their money, whoever organizes this coup. Yes. It is coup. It is a coup on human society; it is coup on a Nationality. It is a coup on a country. It is a coup on the race of human beings.

Observe the movies keenly. Recently I read on essay written by famous actor and writer Sri Tanikella Bharani. He analyzed that the mode of cinema stories as decade wide. In `70[seventies, 1970-80] stories only on prolonged sentiments and prolonged melodrama, which involves one hero two heroines love, sacrifice. In eighties stories circled around revenge. There should not be other criteria in cinema stories. Every body knows that the godfathers control cinema field to click storywriters, directors, heroes and heroines. Then is it not organized trend? Is it not organized ‘killing of logical sense’ in people? If people are able to think, if people are with logical sense, if people are knowledgeous, they won’t be cheated by corporatism; they won’t entertain the corporate mass hypnotism over them and they won’t allow corporate companies to robber them.

That’s why only educational field got polluted and destroyed in society by high capable organization. I’ll explain it in detail under the relevant caption.

Since thousands of years, Indian life style is mixed with stories of epics, and folks, which filled the human lives with logical sense.

A little and logical story.

అనగా అనగా …

Long long ago, there was a king. He had seven songs. Seven sons had gone to forest caught seven fish. They kept them in sun light to dry up. Six fishes were dried and seventh fish did not.

“Fish! Fish! Why didn’t you dry up?” They asked.

“Grass bundle came across me to sun light.”

“Grass bundle! Grass bundle! Why did you come across?”

“Horse didn’t eat the grass.”

“Horse! Horse! Why didn’t you eat the grass?”

“The little boy didn’t feed me.”

“Little boy! Little boy! Why didn’t you feed the horse?”

“Grandmother didn’t give food to me.”

“Grandmother! Grandmother! Why didn’t you give food to the little boy?”

“The kid had cried.”

“The kid! The kid! Why did you cry?”

“The ant bite me.”

“Ant! Ant! Why you biten the kid?”

“When she put finger in my golden ant hill, why didn’t I bite her?”

That’s the entire story!

Such that the logic sense and knowledge of the relation between cause and action were used to introduced to the children.

In ancient Indian educational system, there was the science of logic called Tharka Sasthram. The scholars in logic science, called Tharka Pandithulu were used to patronize by kings and rich people. Dialective and Inductive method had depth application in the life style of Indian.

All the art forms, songs in works, in fields, used to warn the people in philosophical way, which were called ‘Thatwam’. Every feature of life style reminds the person to think about the idealism, to think about the truth, to accept the truth. But now, all those art forms are replaced by cinema, and driven out the logical sense from public life.

But now, people forgotten to think; forgotten to live. Just they are living. Why they are living, what is the aim of living, they are not thinking. Just like many machines which we are enjoying, many of us are living. Most of the people forgotten spiritual thinking.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coup On Brought Up Of Children - 3 [whatever the parrot speaks, it belongs to its nest]

There is an idiom in Telugu “Auu chelo Mestte Dooda gattuna Mesthunda!” How the calf could graze on the bank of field while its mother cow graze in the field. How truth it is? But I watched so many parents to council the children with words but not with their own behavior. In their opinion, words are powerful than works. I don’t know how the empty plate can satisfy our hunger if we say that the plate is full with food to eat.

Here I refer you an example given by Sri Swami Ramatheerdha. I read this as my Telugu lesson when I was studying in my 6th class. In that example Swamy Ramatheerdha said that “If a room is dark, we can’t en light it by scolding the room, cursing it, and thronging ink bottles into the room and pushing the table in the room. Only by lighting a candle can drive out the darkness from there. Only appropriate work can give yield or result but not hundreds of words”. If we observe keenly, the least application of this consciousness is all over our society now.

Here I want to narrate you another real life story which I read as my lesson in school days. I had forgotten the name of great personality about who is mentioned in that lesson. It might be either Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Bapuji i.e. Mahatma Gandhi.

One day a woman with her 6 years old child came to a great person and requested him to advice her child to do not over eat sweets. He asked her to visit him again after one week. After one week, she approached him with her child and he counseled the child regarding over eating of sweets and advised him not to over eat the sweets. After that the mother asked him that to advice the kid why he took one week time. He told to her that himself have the habit of over eating of sweets, so that within this one week he stopped to eat them and then only he could advise the child.

That’s all the impact of it. But what we observe now? There is a general opinion that the ethical values and morals are only to say but not to practice.

With such motives, how the elders can guide the children in a faithful way? The following story can demonstrate you this, with high clarity. As per my remembrance, I read this story in Chandamama, the children’s magazine.

అనగా అనగా …………….

One day a hunter captured two baby parrots in a forest. He kept them in a small cage and moved towards his home. On the way one of baby parrot fallen from the cage. The hunter did not notice it and proceeded home. At that moment a sage was coming in that way. He observed all. He took that baby parrot in to his hands and brought it to his ashram. Along with his disciples, he had taken care of it. It brought up there and learnt to speak. As well as the hunter brought up the other baby parrot in his home. Days were passed.

One day a rich man was travelling in the forest on his horse. He lost his way in the evening darkness. By observing light, he approached the hunters hut. There he heard a voice saying, “Some body came. Beat him. Hurt him with sword. Kill him.” The parrot in the cage was saying this, when it watched this unknown man. By hearing this, the rich man afraid and ran away from there. After few minutes, he could approach the sage’s Ashram. There the parrot in the cage said when it watched his arrival as “some Athidhi Deva i.e. God in the form of guest came. Welcome him. Treat him with food and shelter. Serve him well”. By hearing this, the disciples and sage came out of the ashram and received him as their guest.

After having food and rest, the rich man explained his experiences to the sage. And asked why the two parrots said different words though both are same type of birds. To his surprise, the sage told him both the birds were born to one mother parrot. The rich man enquired the reason. The sage counseled him as “Nayana that means oh, my little father like! Though the parrots belong to same mother, they brought up in different houses. Whatever they observed there, they are following the same, ‘Ye guti chilaka Aa Paluku palukunu’. That means “whatever the parrot speaks, it belongs to its nest.”

That’s the entire story.

Without this awareness, maximum proportion of parents is bringing up their children. They are making their children to educate in pseudo schools and pseudo systems. It is the result of total Mechanical life. By thinking that they are following Aristocracy or Modern life or Advanced attitude, they are not allowing the children to think with logical sense. They are not allowing the children to learn hard working. The sweet childhood is filled with running, speed schedules, bihardings, without enjoying knowledge, without hearing stories, without love nature. Just they are getting education with out readability. Just they are getting marks, ranks and certificates without personality.

So many parents are thinking that by giving expensive things to children and by fulfilling all the needs and desires, of their children their responsibility is over. But do they know why children especially kids have woo on their teacher? Why the kids obey their teacher? Why the kids admire their teacher? Children used to argue with their parents as their teacher said so and so, but not like the parent said. Most of us have these experiences with our children. Being teacher and being mother, I have this experience.

This is because the kids love their teachers. Why they love their teacher? The teacher is not giving expensive things to them. The teacher is not fulfilling their needs and desires. Then why they love their teacher? Because, the teacher is fulfilling the thrust of knowledge. The teacher is satisfying their hunger of knowledge.

Up to certain younger age only, kids can satisfy with physical needs. After that, they hunt us with curiosity. They put the rain of question on us. They harass us to introduce all the surrounds & other things. That’s why only rich life won’t give bondage with the children. The peaceful lives can give the joy of bondage with the children. The chatting, the story telling will mesmerize our life with love and affection in family life. Then only our children can become like a son of Jijiya bai i.e. Shivaji or like a son of Puthali bai i.e. Bapuji.

Lullaby songs, bedtime stories, handful food represent the motherhood, but not spoon-feeding or Pizza presenting. Playing on belly, climbing on back, playing rezling competitions, represent the fatherhood but not shopping and restaurant visiting.

In our Sanskrit literature, there is a slokam which I forgotten but I can present its meaning to you. According to it, we have to treat our kid i.e. son or daughter like a king that means boss to us up to their 5 years. By the way they can enjoy the priority of childhood. After 5 years up to 15 years, we have to treat them as servants. By the way, they can learn hard working and obedience; by the way, they can learn good knowledge. After 15 years we have to treat them as our friends. By the way, they can learn the self-respect, courtesies, behavioral concepts, by the way they can learn about the values and problems of life.

But now what is happening? Most of the parents are not awaritive, how to bring up the children. And most of the parents are not eligible to bring up the children. Actually, the children are not only belonging to their parents. They belong to the society. They belong to the country. They belong to the world. In fact they are the assets of the nation.

May be that’s why, the great philosopher of Greek, Plato in his Utopia, said that the children must be apart from their parents to bring up them as perfect citizens. But by doing so, life will become tasteless. But by improper performing of parenthood, life is becoming bitterness.

That is the tragedy. We must effort to change this situation for the sake of sweet smile on the shining lips of the children.

In this contest, let us recall the sweet song from Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Gitangali.

“Where the human mind can be without fear,

Where the human being can move with respect and reasonable pride,

Where the knowledge can be exist with freedom,

Where the world cannot be divide into piece and preserve in-between the
Narrow walls,

Where the words can be evolutes from depth truth,

Where the everlasting investigation can extend towards the fruit fullness,

Where the pure flow of knowledge cannot be, evaporate in the desert of dead
And blind believes,

Where the mind can travel towards the permanent and wide paths, in thoughts,
In works, in to such heaven of freedom, oh God!

Let my nation should wake up.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Coup On Brought Up Of Children - 2

If you observe the kids, they enjoy much with Pancha Bhootas instead of toys whatever the toys, soft or electronics, colorful and attractive. Pancha Bhootas means five nature objects, earth, water, sty, fire and air. If you observe the kids, they enjoy extremely with mud on floor, water etc. While they enjoy with water, air, we can watch a tremendous glory on their faces and brightness in their eyes. The kids have extreme attraction towards fire. When a candle is blowing in front of their eyes, they won’t see any other object except it. If we show them sky, moon, stars, we can enjoy their joy. It is our most familiar experience with kids. You can observe, the babies of aged 10 months, one year & 1+ years when they are travelling on bikes, cars, and train, how they enjoy the pressure of wind!

Such is their attachment with nature. Such is their attraction towards nature. Such that the nature influences them, entertain them and make them to grow without pollution. But what we are doing? We are eliminating the nature, naturality from their lives.

Please observe a kid going on bike along with his family members. Observe the same kid when he is going on bicycle along with his family members. Observe the same kid when he is going by walk on any body’s hands. You can observe that the kid’s happiness is extreme when he is in the hands of others on foot than the speed travelling of bicycle and bike. Because, while going on foot, by sitting in the shoulders or the hands of elders, the kid is able to watch the colorful nature and wonderful surrounds. By leaving his four walled rooms in house, however they furnished and decorated, the room get bore to them because of continuous watching. So that, coming into the road thrills the kid. They enjoy every thing out side. The slow journey is enjoyable than the speedy one. It is applicable for life also.

In Telugu, there is an idiom “Parugu yethi Palu thage kante nilabadi neelu thagadem melu” that means, it is better to drink water by standing while compare with drinking milk by running. Strategically certain arguments were made in past, I observed it 30 years back. When I was child of 10 years like that, as -if we stand to drink water, leaving the milk that means avoid the running or competition, we won’t get water even. So that everybody had followed fast life. Hence result we are experiencing. If competition and speed in life is unlimited, only increases of pulse rate and heartbeat will remain. Though you get milk by running but you can’t get peace to enjoy the taste of milk. Without peace, no health, no joy.

This truth, God is establishing in the form of kid. Really! If you observe the kids of the young age i.e. days & month’s babies, you can learn much about faith, about nature, about human nature and about God’s unlimited love towards us. What God wants’ to speak with us, we can hear it by observing the kid’s behavior.

Supporting this, I narrate you a News item that I recently studied. [Dt. 29-11-07, Enadu]. I’m presenting it as it is-

GOOD – EVIL by 6 months

We think that kids know only two thing laughing with wide opening of mouth and crying with wild pitch of sound. But the scientists are telling that the kids are able to grasp which is good and which is bad before the age of 6 months it self.

A person’s nature reflects in his behavior with others. This is the main key to analyze a person’s nature. We follow this parameter which is applicable for all social animals. But we have no clarity that from which age we get this ability. In this back ground, the scientist, Mrs. Kili Hemlin of Yel University of America conducted experiments along with her team.
Play of dolls:-

The scientist’s team had selected 6 and 10 months babies for this experiment. They had taken colorful wooden toys i.e. dolls, which could attract the kid’s vision. The team started dolls play by keeping the kids with their parents. Their play is of two types. In first play, a doll is trekking a mountain. While it is approaching the top of mountain, another doll there is pushing it down. In second play, to the doll, which is, trekking up the mountain another shaped doll is helping the previous doll to reach the top of the mountain. The team exhibited these two plays repeatedly. After that, they kept both the dolls, out of which one had pushed the trucking doll and the other had helped the trekking doll in front of every kid. To our surprise, every kid of aged 6 months [totally 12 members] had taken the dolls, which had helped the other. Out of 16 kids, 14 kids of 10 months had selected the same.

With this results, Mr. Hemlin stated that, within few months of birth, before the starting of coaching language and learning, kids have the ability of primary knowledge which lead them to grasp which is good and which is evil. She is saying that this primary knowledge lead the kids in due course of time to easy foundation to their morality, behavior and logical sense.

Previous researches declared that the reaction of children to grow as social beings would end by their 1½-year age. Now it is declared that such reaction [activity] will start before 6 months of their age.

This is the practical fact. When you think about it, the 10 months aged babies; two of them selected the dolls, which had shown rough behavior with other. This may be because of their parents. We used to watch some parents who encourage their kids of aged 7,8 months to beat others; by handling the babies little palm in their hands.

Actually, every newborn kid has its own natural instinct. After grown up also, if we have good relation with our soul i.e. Atma that means if we behave with our selves without self-deceiving, we can experience such natural instinct. In other words, I can say that if we practice to live with truth, definitely we can experience that natural instinct or sixth sense or knowledge which is natural to animal. [Janthu Sahaja Ghanam].

But now in all possible ways, the elders are spoiling the kids. The above experiment shows us this, with high clarity. When 100% of kids of aged 6 months favored to faith, but after growing up of 4 months more, that percentage was decreased. In such case only, observing more and more percentage decrease of favor to faith after growing and growing of children. Then where is the fault? With the kids? Or with the parents and elders?

The parents are polluting the children instead of the bringing them up. Every feature society, movies, T.V.s, magazines, elders behaviors etc. etc. is giving them wrong signals. Whatever manner the elder behavior in the presence of children, they follow it, naturally and thinking that it is right and good. If the elders lie, if the elders drink liquor and giving lecturer to children to speak truth and drinking liquor is bad habit, how they believe it and how they follow it?

By the way, children are learning from their parents and elders, as “Morals are only to say but not to practice”. By the way, children are learning from their parents and elders, as “Speaking words is different to doing works”. By the way, children are learning from their parents and elders, as “Whatever we speak, there is no need to practice them”. Hence, result is unfaithfulness in the behavior of children. Pseudo personality that is Pseudo character is forming in children.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coup On Brought Up Of Children - 1

One day, a mother came to my school along with her 2½ years old kid. She asked me to admit the kid [girl] in school. I refused it and I tried to convince her, as “It is not good to depart such small kid from mother. You are not working woman. So it is not unavoidable for you to leave the child in school immediately. Enjoy her childhood. Let the child grow in the hands of mother at least up to 3 years. She will be self-confident. In future, such children will become strong youth. They can be daring enough to face life struggles. So leave her free for some more time.”

Immediately the mother of that kid answered me as that the kid was naughty enough, so mischievous and hence the mother was not able bare her. That’s why she wanted to admit the kid in the school. What we can say?

In past i.e. before 40 to 50 years, each and every mother in A.P. i.e. in India used to think that their kid was Bhagavan Bala Krishna. There was a belief in our society as God stay at children’s mind. Mother used to sing Lullabi by imagining that their child look like Sri Krishna & used to make up them look like Bala Krishana on Gokulastami day. So that they could enjoy the spirituality, love and affection of mother & child bondage. By such feelings, the patience in mother could get increase. That to in those days, there was no T.V. or internet i.e. recreation or entertainment of 24 hours to eat up the time of human life. So that they were able to enjoy time, with human bondages.

By now the house wives even find no time to spend for the family. Nobody have time to spend for kids. Each grown up person has his own schedules.

Recently in Kurnool district, there was happened one incident. I read it on News paper. A woman left a child of aged 1½ year in a water tub, to prevent his disturbance while watching T.V. serial. After 2 hours i.e. four T.V. serials episodes only, she could remember about the kid. But by that time, the little boy lost his life. How terrible it is? Is the T.V. serial which filled with revenges, coups and extreme expressions of actors attractive and enjoyable than the sweet smiles, words and activities of little boy? The smooth touch of a kid will give us more relax. The divine smell, which carries the tinge of milk of a kid, will give us more relief from tensions. The sweet smile of a kid will sink us in the flow of smiles. The cute body moments of a kid will wet us in the rain of laughs. This is my own experience with kids in my school. In fact, this is the experience of everybody except the T.V. addicted fellows.

Is T.V. serial or T.V. anchor mesmerism more enjoyable than this?

Really, most of the people had forgotten how to enjoy the life and what is real joy. In past that means the time at which this much of speed was not introduced in our lives, joint families were there in society. Children could watch that their ‘parents obeying their parents i.e. the grand parents of children. The children would be educated about behavior, mannerisms, common sense, human relations, and basic knowledge of society by their grand parents. The grandparent’s generation would be more patience and more leisure to spend with children. Both the generations of grand parents and grand children are mutually suitable to each other with respective their needs. The old generation needs time spending objects where as the little generation needs time to clarify their nonsensical and absurd doubts. Such a nice mutual requirement that God had provided in human society i.e. in family system to enjoy love and affections. How much kind is God towards human beings and all living things!

But every living being is enjoying such naturality except human beings. Recently I read an interview of a celebrity in which she explained that she got an E-mail from her daughter to seek her appointment for half an hour. We need money; we need achievements to prove our selves. We need success to get professional satisfaction. Ultimately we need self satisfaction in life. But how can we get self-satisfaction, by losing time to enjoy bondages, time to enjoy nature and time to enjoy feelings?

In my opinion, we must use our talents, abilities and capabilities irrespective of men and women in home as well as in society.

But manufacturing of consumer goods or commercial goods whatever they may, be computer, projects, or anything else, are not at all greater than the manufacturing of right and faithful generation. No doubt that the computer is not greater than the computer inventor.

I hope that you accept my opinion. I wish that all of we think about the limitations of material and sentiments i.e. materialism and idealism.

Recently I read on newspaper that some scientists done experiments, conducted surveys and declared that the playing of ‘Dobuchi’, ‘chichi’ of mother with her kids is most helpful for child growth. Dobuchi means mother used to cover her face or child’s face with transparent cloth and say ‘Buchi’ by removing it. Repeated silly game will entertain the mother and child as well as entire family. Since the age of 3 months it self such entertainment and communication will start with the child. After survey on number of kids, the scientists declared it, where as in Indian life style, it was adopted as ancient as Indian history & Hindu culture. In fact, Hindu culture is not a religion. It is a life style. Foreign scientists verified such practical one now. If they get patent on it, demand the mothers all over the world to pay money to them to enable the mothers to play Dubuchi with their own kids; we should not feel wonder on it.

Because, to play with kids of age days to months, doing massage on the baby bodies with butter and oils, prepare food with granules, all are part of Indian motherhood. But now Vitaminised oils for massage, Farex as solid food etc. etc. are in market availability. But to the natural and regional environment, Farex or Cerelac etc. are definitely not as suitable as natural crops i.e. cereals & seeds. But, due to attractive advertisements, young generation is crazy towards such chemicalized corporate products and paying deaf ears to the old generation advices. In fact old generation also forgotten the nature and running after the speed life on the name of modern.

Now scientists are declaring that Pram is preventable while compare with carrying of the kid under the arms by hugging them towards mother’s breast. By hearing her heartbeat, the child’s health physically as well as psychologically will be much more better. Now scientist are declaring that walker is preventable while compare with making the child to walk by holding the finger of father to enable the child to under stand the gravitational pull and to let the child to get improve the coordination among body organs & brain. By experiencing such force, the brain cells organization will get activated naturally. Other wise it will be deficiency permanently just like mother’s breast milk vs. bottle milk.

On the other hand corporate companies are introducing shampoos i.e. baby shampoos, which won’t burn Baby eyes. So no need to them to close their eyes and to cry during bath. So such shampoos are more comfortable to both mother and kid. But who will give practical experience to the kid regarding the protection of eyes with eye lashes? After grown up they may learn it. But naturality is driven away from them when they are days babies themselves.

Naturality is driven away and artificial world is introduced them at the age of months itself by means of T.V. So hearing to grandparents and other family members, replying them with Ha Ha Hi Hi Hi sounds, conversing with family members in their own kid’s language is minimized as possible as. That much of artificiality, distance from nature are necessary to kids?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Coup As Responsibility Of Media - 2

Another News of Enadu, October30, 2007.

Service Long – Salary short.

Government employees diminished in comparison with Private. Krishna Rao, Assistant Section officer in Secretariat. His service is 15 years. But his basic salary is 12,500/-Rs. One of his relatives recently joined in IT Company and he drew first month salary as 22,000/-Rs. This evolution naturally humiliating Krishna Rao. The base difference between Govt. and Private Employees is creating so many problems now. If the salaries of Govt. employees won’t get increase, the implementation of different welfare and developments programs will get dangerous and extreme impact. But Govt. is thinking to decrease the expenditure of employees’ salaries and Allowances –Hyderabad, News today.

Next elaborated News item of the above is in print. The above entire analysis is from News today, Hyderabad only. In this context, any defense party of media can argue that it is the information regarding facts. The journalists gathered such information from Govt. employees through talks & interviews with them. May it is true. It may be true in-satisfaction in Govt. employees.

But being Newspaper being influence media, won’t News today or some other Newspaper who ever publish such News, has social responsibility of counseling the Govt. employees?

While compare with IT employees, if Govt. employees feel in satisfaction, why don’t they feel satisfaction by comparing themselves, with private non IT employees and other low income groups including farmers, who are not getting relevant gain towards their work of both physical & psychological.

If a private employee in satisfied with his salary, they will try to convince his management to recognize his work efficiency. If not workout, he will leave the job and find another. That is the life struggle in private field. But in Govt. employees field, the employees won’t work, but raise strikes to get increase of salaries and other allowances. We know the work efficiency of employees in each and every moment and in each and every incident including, 30-10-2007’s floods in Nellore. More over 95% of Govt. employees are no need of salary when compared with their corruptive income per month. Every income tax and Anti Corruption Bureau raid on Govt. employees is proving this and exposing crores of assets in each raid. Can we say that the Govt. employees are doing work sincerely and severely as equivalent to private employees of same salary? Without showing redtapisam are they doing work?

At Suryapet ASI of Police said to me that “I am not your servant. I do what I like. I know my work, you should not ask me what I do.” This dialogue he said to me, When I asked him to give me receipt towards my complaint as per the rule, at the time of 11.40 P.M. at night when my house owner locked my house though I paid her rent, in the part of harassment on me. I narrated that harassment in the later part of this writing through complaints.

Here, I want to put a question to them, the Govt. employees are not public servants? From whose work and industry they are getting salaries? Not from the taxes from public?

The Most of the Govt. employees are not doing service to public, more over sucking corruptions to perform their duties and implementing strikes to fulfill their desires. If private employees are not lucky enough to get Govt. job or if private employee are not capable to get Govt. job, then why don’t they think same with respective themselves and IT employees.

Or else, if they are, qualify and capable, why don’t they leave Govt. job and join in private IT jobs? Govt. employees have guarantee service of 35 years and peaceful retired life with pension & P.F. etc. But IT man has to show continuous work efficiently to draw salary, as well as no guarantee for long service in job.

Why don’t they consider these disadvantages and feel satisfaction? Wherever it is advantage, the Govt. employees will compare & consider and wherever it is disadvantage, they will keep silence. The media give full support to them. The ultimate target is to weak the Govt. in financial & efficiency matters, because weak Govt. cannot govern the public life. So that, exploitation of common person in private field made easy.

Otherwise, why don’t the Media expose these lives of poor and responsibility of employees and convince them to drive out their in satisfaction? Why don’t they motivate Govt. employees to work sincerely? The Media never write against employees unions. Though they write corruption matters, they can’t get impulsive yield. Because no much determination & sincerity in such writings.

Here I refer a description of swamy Ramananda Theerdha. According to it, “When a room is dark. It won’t get light if we scold the dark room or through pens, chairs, and tables into the dark room. The room will get en lighten, only when we light candle there!” How truthful this is! The Newspapers had done such candle en lighting in the time of freedom fight.

But now they are playing drama of brining candle through psudo writings. Maybe, in Media opinion, if they write against the certain sections, the sales of paper will go down, the advertisements will get down and ultimately the business will get down. In such case, the Media is doing business only but not service to public. Then they are not eligible to talk about ethics or morals. They are not eligible to enjoy the so-called PRESS FREEDOM.

If we discuss about the sincere public service of Enadu Ramoji Rao, let us refer the following things.

Few days back, in October 07, Enadu published the land disputes of Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy the present C.M. of A.P. such as Edupula Paya etc. When the paper man knows about the disputes of political people, why don’t they fight on it till the disputes get solved? Same case with the land disputes of Vatti Vasantha Kumar, Gali Janardhana Reddy, passport disputes of Narendra etc. etc. etc. I’m not supporting the political people. About the drama of politics, let us discuss later. Now I’m discussing only about the sincerity of Media.

Why the Media expose the disputes of the politicians for some time and why they keep in pending for same time? That means whenever the Media want to grip political field, then only is the Media publishing such disputes? Whenever the Media require money or favor, is media publishing such disputes and after getting fulfillment of their needs, is Media stopping to publish them?

If not, why don’t they fight on behalf of people until the disputes get nullified and justice should happen?

Regarding Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy’s land disputes, it was happened so long in the past, in the time of Mr.Y.S.R.’s father, Mr. Y.S. Raja Reddy. Being paper man, Mr. Ramoji Rao won’t know it in the past it self?

This leads us to think that Media is using by certain people, for certain selfish or spying reasons. May be some other papers in all other countries are doing the same type of working like Enadu in India. I’m sure that, if any reader observes current Media coverage in their respective countries, they can watch the same type of strategy what I discussed under this caption of responsibility of Media. Only the names of News papers, publishers and countries will change but not the strategy.

May be this entire strategy in all over the world is leading by one man or by one institute or by one organization.

If the defense party of Media argue with us as “People are not showing interest on continuous presentation of disputes of certain people and certain issues. So we are not publishing them continuously. We publish them to expose, later Govt. has to enquire into it in order to take action on it!”

If it is true, how the Media can decide whether people are showing interest or not? What are their parameters? Depends upon circulation? Depends upon letters to paper office? Depends upon survey? The survey results they can manipulate as I discussed in above. Whatever the Media want to propagate, they would say that people desire this just like in “BLACK GOAT-FOUR THIEVES ” We watch this in case of movies. In 7th & 8th decades of last century, there was a slogan or paradox in cinema field as “because, movies are producing in Monotonous of Love & sacrifice or revenge based stories so that we are watching”- this was the slogan of public as per Media presentation. “Because people are watching, we are producing such movies!” this was the slogan of producers as per the Media presentation. But there was no alternative entertainment in those days for public. And more over, inspite of many movies flop, same type of movies were continuously produced. And so called success fame movies also match fixed success such as Narasimha of Jr.N.T.R. and Lakshmi Narasimha of Balakrishna which were exposed recently due to ruptures of suicide attempts of hero & murder attempts of hero! This is actual situation. Then success or interest of public is not supper imposed or stamped by Media? To explain about the same strategy on public opinion, stamping by media, I give another example to you from political field. In 8th decade of last century, the media had given 70 mm and stereophonic propaganda that Punjab people were demanding freedom from Union Government of India, they were wanting to form a separate country by name Khalisthan which had audible rhyme with the word Pakistan. Every day we used to read number count of deaths i.e. shot dead by militants through the headlines of Newspapers like Enadu, Hindu etc. I have good memory of assassination of Longowala within 3 months of peace-treaty with Mr. Rajiv Gandhi as P.M. of India. Up to 1992 September/or October, media had shouted with high pitch that Punjabis strong desire was Khalisthan, separation from India. In September or October of 1992, one early hours of day, Mr. Gurujanth Singh a hard-core militant, Punjab police encountered a chief Militant while that Militant was coming from his keep’s [lover’s] house. Can you imagine that a freedom fighter who is fighting for country, with such bad character? Not a single agency of Private Media had covered this point on headline or in first page in 1992 except Delhi Door Darshan.

Before and after the encounter of Mr. Gurujanth Singh, many of militants were surrender to Mr. K.P.S. Gill and his police officials along with the lots of their weapons. After that till 2007, Punjab is peaceful and more over a Punjabi is P.M. of India now. Except the assassination of Mr. Biant Singh the then C.M. of Punjab and other small incidents, Punjab is with countable peace.

If people demand is for Khalisthan, how this peace is created there? If Media stamping in true, how people are peaceful now in Union India?
If the defense party of Media argue as “The people still desire it. The Govt. of India i.e. democratic Government suppressing it!”

If it is true, why couldn’t the Govt. of India suppress it before 1992? On the other hand, if it is true, why don’t Media fight to expose it? Why don’t Media fight to bring the truth on to the screen?

I give present example in this context. Here in A.P., as per Media propaganda people in Telangana districts demanding for special state by name Telangana. The politicians are giving prolonged statements in Media. To achieve separate state of Telangana, political parties such as Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Talli Telangana etc. etc. were formed.

But in the local body election i.e. Municipality elections such political parties i.e. T.R.S. didn’t get success. Then how can the Media and politicians say that people are demanding it? For the time being, both Media & Politicians will keep calm and restart the drama.

If the defense party of Media argue, “The election was not fair. Disputes & rigging were happened in poling & counting.”

If it is true, why don’t we say the democracy and constitution failed in implementation? Why don’t Media fight on this issue?

If expose of disputes only is Media’s duty, while to take action is duty of Government, why don’t Media fight on behalf of public and for the sake of public until the disputes get nullified or until the Government take action on dispute makers?