Friday, November 27, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 09 [Appropriate punishment]

I narrate another story with the same back ground.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

One day, when Veerata Raja was in the court, the soldiers brought two convicts. Among them, one was a scholar, and the other was illiterate men. Both had done same mistake i.e. fraud. The king Veerata Raja asked Kanku Battu to give judgment.

After enquiring in to the matter kanku Battu, i.e. Dharama Raja delivered his judgment as “Maha Raja! Order the soldiers to give 10 lashes to this ill-literate man and 100 lashes to this scholar.

The king done so and the soldiers implemented the punishments on the both culprits.

The king Veerata Raja asked, “Kanku Bhattu! Why you have given different punishments to them though they done same mistake?”

With a gentle smile, Kanku Bhattu replied “Maharaja! The ill-literate man does not know properly regarding rules and laws of the society. He may not know which is correct and which is wrong to do. But the scholar knew very well regarding it, being literate. If we do any mistake without knowing it as a mistake, it can be excusable to some extent. But by knowing it as a mistake, if anybody does it, it should not be excused.”

Every body in the court appreciated the judgment.

That’s the entire story.

With respective to such parameters, what is the position of present society? By treachery against country. We read about employees who gave fake passports to terrorists, we watched people who helped to kill the innocent public crowd by keeping bombs in public place by taking money. We can’t believe that they don’t know, as bombs will kill the people; and such activities are crime.

What I want to say is 99% of the people who are doing fraud are known that what they are doing. They have 100% consciousness about their wrong activities and more over they are arguing, “Everybody is doing the same. So that if we do it what is wrong in it?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 08 [The Pretention & Reality in Justice]

I narrate you another story from Maha Bharatam. This story is said to be in Veeraata Parvam. I don’t know whether this story belongs to original Maha Bharatam or belongs to ‘Prakrhiptam’. Some stories and incident were enclosed in Maha Bharatam by unknown poets and propagated in public. Such are known as Prakshiptams.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

During the Agnatha Vasam i.e. un-noticeable living, the Pandavas spent that one-year time in Mathya Desam, which was ruling by Veraata Raja, without revealing their identity. At that time, Dharma Raja serviced Veraata Raja to entertain him with dice play and good talks by name Kanku Bhattu.

Because of his nice behavior, sweet conversations, talented playing, Veerata Raja liked him very much. The king used to treat him as if his friend. Always Kanku Bhattu used to accompany with the king, Veerata Raju.

During those days one day a dispute came to the court to solve. Two women came with a baby of six months age. They were claiming that the baby was their own baby. One lady prayed the king “Maharaja! This kid was born to me. This woman had theft him from my house in my absence. After searching for days, finally I caught her. But she is bluffing that my kid is her own.”

The other lady explained as “Maha Raja! This baby is my own born kid. This woman is jealousies to me so she is planning to harass me. That’s why she is claiming like this.”

No body could identify the truth. The king felt confusion and asked Kansu Bhatt i.e. Dharma Raja to solve the dispute. Kansu Bhattu said, “There is only one kid. Two ladies are claiming that the baby belongs to each. Well. Maharaja, Let us do one thing. Let us cut the baby into two pieces and give one piece to each of the ladies.”

Before his conclusion, the first lady cried out as “No Maha Raja! No. Doesn’t kill my baby. I lost him some days back. Let her enjoy the baby. Let her take him. Don’t kill my son.”

The second woman was watching all this instead of responding towards justice. A little bit of joy was hidden on her face.

Dharma Raja i.e. Kanku Bhattu said “Look Maha Raja! The first lady is his real mother, because, she is ready to sacrifice her love and motherhood to save her child. Being mother she reacted immediately. No mother could bare the harm to her child. The second lady planned to steal the child. Punish her and give the child to the first lady.”

Every body in the king’s court had praised the judgment. The first lady thanked the king and Kanku Bhattu and left home along with her kid with great joy.”

That’s the entire story.

I suspect that, in now-a-days the second woman could react with more sharpness, pretend much motherhood than the real mother. That’s why we need DNA reports, medical reports etc, to solve the disputes. But the result i.e. judgment that we are getting is true or not, God should now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 07 [Human values in Justice]

Only the culture of a race, tradition & religious believers of a nation, life style of public can make the people to consider the human values but not laws and acts of governments. By pollution the culture, killing the traditions, criticizing the religious believes, influencing the life style, the future of a large country like India can be easily smash out. In fact this is a spying coup. I can explain this under the caption of COUP ON INDIAN LIFE STYLE.

I narrate you another story.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

Once up on a time there was a king. He was very kind and good in heart. He was very sincere towards his kingdom and generous towards the people.

He hung a big bell in front of his palace and declared that anybody whenever they need justice, they could ring the bell irrespective of time.

Since that, people who were in need of justice used to ring the bell, and their disputes or problem could solve in the king’s assembly.

One mid night, the bell in front of the king’s palace was ringed up. The king had woken up from the deep sleep. He ordered his assistants to call the petitioner, who rang the bell. The assistants had gone to the bell. At their surprise, they watched an old ox which was pulling the rope of the bell. It was very week and seemed to be hungry, thinking that the ending of the rope as handful of straw, it was pulling the rope of the bell and hence the bell was ringing.

The assistants referred the same to the king. The king thought for a while. He ordered them to feed the ox and enquire about its owner and bring him to the court next day.

Next day, the king’s soldiers brought the owner of the ox and reported the king as “Maharaja! This farmer is the owner of this ox. He used it for agriculture when it was young and strong. Now when it is old week, he felt that to feed the ox is waste of money. So he had driven out it on to the streets.”

When the king questioned the farmer, he accepted his mistake. The king said “Farmer! You are disgraceful towards your animal. It had serviced you and dedicated its strength and youth to you. You should be thankful to it. When you become old, if your children treat you like this, what you will do? Being a man, live with human values. Go and govern the ox in right manner. If this repeats, I’ll punish you in severe manner.”

The farmer begged excuse and left home with his ox.

That’s the entire story!

How long the society is from these circumstances. The human values got disappear and commercial values got occupied everywhere. As a result, not only the animals, also human beings in their week position or in old ages are suffering. Who can save us from these circumstances? Not any else, except our selves. Yes, we have to save ourselves. We have to think for our sake. All of the people have to stop their run to pick up the currency notes and they have to start to gather the human feelings and values.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 06 [Tit for Tat]

I narrate another story of Maryada Ramanna to you.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

In a village there was a rich man, named Mallayya. Though he was rich, he was miser. That’s why nobody would come to work at his home. One day a young man, named Gangayya came to that village in search of work. Gangayya was very innocent. He was stout enough. He needs much quantity food to satisfy his hunger. That’s why in his own village, no farmer could take him as permanent servant except on daily wages. So that he was wandering in the village for job.

He approached Mallayya and asked for work. Within few questions, Mallayya could understand that Gangayya was very innocent. He said “Look Gangayya! I will give you work as servant in my house. You have to do whatever I ask you to do. I’ll give food up to your hunger satisfaction twice in a day. No more salary, if you want to quit the job, you have to pay me golden lump in the size of hen’s egg. If I want to retrench you, I’ll pay you golden lump in the size of hen’s egg. If you agree to my condition, join in the job.”

Since Gangayya was badly in need of job, immediately he accepted the condition of Mallayya and joined in the job.

Every day he had to draw water a lot from the well. He had to water the plants, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the rooms, caring milch cattle. Mallayya had given enough food to Gangayya twice in a day. In beginning, Gangayya didn’t notice any pain as well Malllayya also had considered the quantity of work of Gangayya. Gradually he increased the work on Gangayya.

Days passed, Months over. Two years had passed away like this. Gangayya felt tedious work. He wanted to go to his village and settle in life. One day he asked Mallayya to reveal him from work. Mallayya demanded Gangayya to pay golden lump in the size of hen’s egg. Then only Gangayya understood the complexity of the condition of the job. He begged Mallayya to consider his service and treat him with generosity. But Mallayya didn’t agree.

In helpless situation, Gangayya had continued in the job. But he was very sad from that day. By watching this inhumanity of Mallayya, some people in that street advised Gangayya to approach Maryada Ramanna.

Gangayya went to Maryada Ramanna at night and explained about his problem and requested him to help. Maryada Ramanna thought for a while. He knew about the greediness of Mallayya. Nobody could change his greediness and crookedness by counseling. Hence, Maryada Ramanna told Gangayya what to do, to get rid of the conditions of Mallayya. Gangayya had under stood that plan and returned Mallayya’s house.

Next day morning, when Mallayya ordered Gangayya to draw water from the well, he mishandled the pots and broken half of them. Mallayya thought that it was the mistake and warned him to take care while working. When he ordered Gangayya to water the plant, Gangayya walked carelessly on the flower & vegetable plants while watering them. Half of the plants were destroyed. While washing the clothes, he mishandled them until they tore off. While washing the vessels, he had broken half of them. While feeding the milch cattle, he had beaten them, so that they didn’t give milk, on that day. Mallayya scolded him, and Gangayya kept calm. But this was repeated on next day, next day and so on.

Within a week, Mallayya noticed severe loss of things. He tried a lot to manage Gangayya to do work as he done in previous. But Gangayya was mishandling the work continuously. By losing patience, Mallayya shouted on him. He said with great anger “Gangayya, you useless fellow. I’m retrenching you from work. Get out from here.”

Immediately Gangayya demanded for golden lump in the size of hen’s egg. Temporarily Mallayya with drawn the retrench idea. But Gangayya continued his mishandling of work which caused damage of things and loss to Mallayya.

Unavoidably Mallayya approached Maryada Ramanna. After enquiring in to the problem, Maryada Ramanna said “Mallaya! You put the condition yourself. Gangayya accepted it. Now you are retrenching him, so that you have to pay golden lump in the size of hen’s egg. It is must.”

Greedy Mallayya had given the golden lump to Gangayya. He was crying like anything. The poor and innocent Gangayya thanked to Maryada Ramanna and left to his village.

Maryada Ramanna said “Mallaya! You are rich. The poor people come to the rich to service. In return the rich people should be kind and affectionate to them. Then only they serve to the boss with obedience and sincerity. You give money. They give service. That’s all the commercial relation among the boss and his subordinate. But human relation is beyond this limit. It involves the kindness, Generosity, affection, respect, obedience and sincerity etc. human values. No rules and regulations, no law and government acts could bring such human values in to implementation. It relates to our heart only. Anybody can take a horse up to the river. But nobody can make the horse to drink water by force. In such case, you should not be greedy towards poor Gangayya. Try to learn to treat the poor servant with generosity.”

Mallayya felt shy and changed his mind set.

That’s the entire story.

With respective the above conclusion of maryada Ramanna, we should think the reliability and limitations of the servant maid’s Act passed recently by A.P. State government and other such acts regarding the treating of children by parents and teachers. The rules and regulations, laws and governments Acts can guide the people but they cannot make the people to follow them with perfection. Voluntarily people should implement the rules.

For example in servant-maids act case, government decided that the boss should pay 100/Rs. For 8 hours work, accordingly for one hour. If the servant takes one hour for a work which can be finished within 10 minutes, who can solve the dispute? Who can weight or measure the concern of boss by giving eatables, coffee, Tiffin etc to the servant?

I’m not objecting the acts making. Such Acts may prevent the exploitation of servants and they may protect the servant’s right. I’m saying about the implementation limits of such Acts, in fact every Act. The language of the Act of law cannot protect the society. Only the spirit or the feeling or meaning of the Act of law can protect the society. That much I want to say.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 05 [The logic in the Justice]

Another story for you,

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

Once in a village, there was a rich man. His son’s marriage was fixed on a day. He wanted to perform his son’s marriage on grand scale. He arranged so many attractions in the marriage. He wished to arrange a procession of bride groom on an elephant. In that village a man, called Sambayya had an elephant; He used to give his elephant on rent for festivals and occasions to people who wanted to have it. It was his profession.

The rich man had got a deal with Sambayya to hire his elephant on rent for his son’s marriage occasion. Sambayya agreed. On the marriage procession, the elephant had suddenly fallen down and dead due to its old age. The rich man felt sad about it. He told Sambayya as “Sambayya! The elephant is very old. Unfortunately it died in my son’s marriage. I’ll give money to you to purchase another elephant.”

Sambayya said “Sir. It is our house elephant. My great grandfather started to grow it. I got it from my father as ancestral property. It is our lucky elephant. I want it only. Not money.”

The rich man said “Sambayya. It is very old elephant. Time comes and it was dead? It is not my mistake or sin. Any way I’m rich to bare it. You are poor that to you depend on it for food. I pity you. That’s why I wish to compensate you. But how can I bring the same elephant back? If you want, I can purchase another elephant for you.”

Sambayya said bluntly “No sir. I want my elephant only. It is my lucky one.”

Since they were not able to solve their quarrel among themselves, both of they approached Maryada Ramanna and presented their argument. When Maryada Ramanna tried to convince Sambayya to accept the compensation from the rich man, Sambayya demanded the double amount to the elephant. Maryada Ramanna noticed the greediness of Sambayya and thought to teach him a lesson. He asked both of them to visit the village assembly on next day.

Later he called on the rich man and told him what he should do when Sambayya come to his house to call him on next day.

Next day when Sambayya approached village assembly, the rich man didn’t reach there yet. Maryada Ramanna said “Sambayya! The rich man didn’t turn here. Go to his house and call him to come here.”

Sambayya went to the rich man’s house. There was nobody out side. He watched in the front garden, in the corridor and called with loud voice. No reply. He knocked on the door and shouted “Sir. Maryadha Ramanna is calling you to the village assembly. Please do come.” Again, no reply, He repeated again and again but in vain. By losing patience, he pushed the doors. Splash! There was a big sound. What did he see? There were pieces of broken pots disorderly on the floor. Some broken pots were dragging on the floor. Just then the rich man came there from the inner room of the house. When he stared at the broken pots, he cried out with loud voice “Who had done this. Who had broken my pots?”

Sambayya told “Sir. It is me. When I pushed the door, the pots were fallen on to the floor and broken into pieces. Don’t worry. I’ll give you new pots from the potter.”

The rich man said “No. Sambayya. My great grandmother collected these pots. I got it from my mother as ancestral property. My wife used to cook food in them. They were my lucky pots. I want them only. No new pots.”

Sambayya said “How it is possible.”

The rich man replied, “Let’s go to village assembly. Sri Maryada Ramanna will solve our dispute.”

When the both explained their versions, Maryada Ramanna said “Sambayya, what the rich man saying is right. You are demanding to bring back the dead elephant. He is demanding to bring back the broken pots. That’s all the matter. You bring back the broken pots and take your elephant.”

Sambayya was unable to give reply.

Maryada Ramanna continued “You greedy man! You planned to exploit the rich man. Your elephant was old enough to die. If it dies at your home, what will you do? The rich man is kind enough to you to offer compensation to buy another elephant. He considered your poverty and professional base. But you tried to exploit such goodness of the rich man. You deserve the punishment.”

Sambayya felt fear and begged for excuse. Maryada Ramanna warned him strictly to behave in righteous manner and ordered the rich man to help poor Sambayya to buy another elephant. The rich man was kind enough to do so.

That’s the entire story!

Is there such generosity, in present justice, in any case, in any court, in any country?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 04 [The twist in the Justice]

I narrate another story to you.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

Once in a village there was an ordinary farmer, named Ramayya. He was so good to his neighbors and all others. Because of his helping nature, and friendly nature, all villagers liked him.

In the same village, there was a rich man, named Rajayya. He was a money lender. He used to give money as loan to needy people and take high rate of interest on it. Because of his exploiting nature, and commercial thinking, all villagers hated him though they deal him in needful situations.

Due to the popularity among village people, the rich man Rajayya was jealousies about Ramayya. He was waiting for an opportunity to harass Ramayya. Ramayya never come to this money lender because he had such psychology to adjust his desires within the boundaries of his income. And luckily, he didn’t face any problems of money need.

But unfortunately, once his wife got severe disease. For her treatment the small savings of Ramayya was not enough. Because that time was crops investment time, his friends and other villagers also were not able to help him. Unavoidably he went to Rajayya to borrow money on interest. Rajayya felt happy in himself. But expressed his helplessness by saying that he had not enough money to lend him to trouble him. Ramayya tried to convince. He said “Please Rajayya. My wife fell ill. I need money in urgency, when my crop thrashed, immediately I’ll clear off your loan along with interest. Please consider my need. If you help me in this need, I’ll return your money by keeping it in the flowers. I show my gratitude by giving chapels [shoe] prepared with peeled off my skin”. Rajayya said “Promise!”

Ramayya replied “Promise Rajayya. I will be very grateful to you if you help me in this need” Rajayya lended money to Ramayya, He got treated his wife by doctor. Luckily she got cured. Crops were thrashed. Yield was prosperous. Ramayya felt happy. He took money to clear off the loan with Rajayya. When he offered money to Rajayya, Rajayya asked him “where are the flowers? You promised me to return my money along with interest by keeping it in the flowers.” Ramayya said “It is for the sake of talk Rajayya.” Rajayya said “No. no. when you promised, you should fulfill it.” Ramayya felt okay and brought the money by keeping it in the flowers. Again, Rajayya objected it “You said that you could give chapels [shoe] to me by preparing the chapels with your skin. By expecting such chapels [shoe], I’m walking with bare foot. Fulfill your promise.” Ramayya shocked by this and tried to convince Rajayya. His friends also tried to convince Rajayya but in vain.

Then Ramayya sensed the crookedness of Rajyya. He approached Maryada Ramanna to make justice.

Maryada Ramanna called on Rajayya and enquired about the dispute. When Rajayya presented his argument, Maryada Ramanna tried to convince him as the promise of Ramayya was for the sake of gratitude feeling expression it was only language. But Rajayya did not leave his determination and demanded for Ramayya’s skin to prepare chappals [shoe].

Maryada Ramanna traced Rajayya’s jealousy towards Ramayya. He thought for a while and said “Okay, Rajayya. You are right. When Ramayya promised you to give his skin to prepare chapels [shoe], he should fulfill his promise. He is liable to give and you are eligible to take. You do one thing. Take a knife, and peel off his skin, as it is sufficient to prepare your chapels [shoe].”

Rajayya felt happy. Ramayya felt shock. By taking knife, Rajayya was approaching Ramayya. All the people in the village assembly were amazing at it. There was a silence in the hall. When Rajayya was up to his attempt on Ramayya, Maryada Ramanna said “Stop Rajayya. Ramayya promised you to give his skin only, not blood. So while you are peeling his skin, single blood drop should not bleed out. If blooded, how many blood drops you take, you have to repay double amount of blood from your body. Our staff will be ready to take blood from you.”

Rajayya shriveled with fear. He said, “Sir, I’m dropping my idea of chappals [shoe]. I won’t need them. Let Ramayya go free.”

Maryada Ramanna said, “Not everything is in your hands Rajayya. You are exploiting the villager’s needs. So you are notorious in the village. Ramayya is helping the villager’s in their needs. So he is famous in the village. Instead of admiring him, you felt jealousy. You harassed him psychologically. So you return his money, which you had taken as your loan along with the flowers. And you should not continue your money lending business in this village in future. That is the right punishment to you.”

People clapped by hearing this justice. Rajayya returned money to Ramayya, closed his business of money lending on interest and done industry to earn money.

That’s the entire story!

This was the popular folk story in public since centuries in India. This reminds us the famous “The Merchant of Venice” of Sheksphear.

In both stories, crucked fellow got a lesson to learn. That is the victory of morality on immorality. Is it happening in now-a-days justice?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Coup On Law And Justice – 03 [The Spirits of Justice]

Another story of Maryada Ramanna.

అనగా అనగా …… ……….

In a village, there was a rich man. At the late age his wife had given birth to a son and died. The rich man had brought up his son with great love and affection. But when the boy was at 8 years age, he got affected a disease. He sensed his death arrival. He worried about his only son. He could not trust any of his relatives and staff. He thought in deep. If he writes a will to assure the assets to the son, the staff and relatives can show losses in business and swallow the assets. How to protect the kid? Then he called on his clerk and said “My dear clerk! I sense that my days are over. My son is too young to manage the assets and all. I’m handing over my assets and my son to you. You take care of the business, educate my son & bring him up. When my son gets the age about 20 years, then by giving the share of my assets to him which you like and you take the remaining.”

He prepared the will by making the clerk as attorney of the assets. He died. Years passed. The clerk had taken care of the business, assets, brought up the boy and educated him. When he got 20 years age, the clerk had shown the document to him and said “you father ordered me to brought up and educate you. I had done so. He asked me to give you the share of the assets, which I liked and to take me the remaining part. Hence I’m giving you that hut as your share. The rest of the assets are mine.” The boy got shocked about it. He thought well and approached Maryada Ramanna.

He heard all and called on the clerk. When he enquired, the clerk had shown the will and presented his argument. Maryada Ramanna asked them to come to the village assembly the next day.

On the next day, when the rich man’s son and the clerk came to the village assembly, Maryada Ramanna’s office was full of visitors. He offered them ripe guava fruits and told them “Dear visitors. You take one fruit which you like from this plate.” When the peon brought the plate to each visitor, they had selected one fruit from the plate whichever they liked. The rich man’s son and the clerk also had taken one fruit for each.

Then Maryada Ramanna said “Dear friends! When I asked you to select the fruit which you like, you selected one from the basket which you like. Isn’t it?”

All of they said “yes sir!”

Maryada Ramanna continued “In such case, the share of the assets which the clerk had taken is the share of the assets which he liked. Isn’t it?”

All the people in the village assembly said “Yes sir.”

He continued “Then, as per the will of the rich man, the share of the asset, taken by the clerk should belong to the rich man’s son. The rest of the asset that means the hut which the clerk had given to the late rich man’s son should belong to the clerk.”

People shouted with joy “yes sir.”

Maryada Ramanna ordered the clerk to give the share of the asset to the rich man’s son and to take the hut to himself.

People said that it was the real justice.

The clerk felt shy and after handing over the assets to the rich man’s son, left the village. He could not show his cheat full face to the public.

That’s the entire story!

When the clerk distributed the assets, at least he should think the reliability to divide the assets by considering his service to manage the business, assets and to bringing up the rich man’s child for 12 years. But he thought with selfishness and planned to swallow the entire asset. For such sin, he took his appropriate punishment.

In Telugu, there is an idiom ‘కీలు ఎరిగి వాత పెట్టాలి’ that means “Where there is the joint or hinge, there should be the application of hot rod as treatment.”

In the case of the clerk in the above story, he didn’t consider the reliability and justice while dividing the assets. He was particular about the terminal language in the will. To such deceive nature; Maryada Ramanna applied the appropriate treatment.

At present, we are watching such arguments on constitution, rules, law, Government orders and other documents without considering of its spirit, only referring the language of the laws and rules. For such deceive nature, there should be reliable hot rod as treatment. Otherwise, nobody can save the common man’s life in this world.