Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 08 [Jokes On Hindu Believes]

Mr. Karuna nidhi, the present Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is saying with critic regarding Rama Sethu as “Rama sethu is the Natural formed one, but not constructed by Rama as a bridge to Lanka. In fact, no person by name Rama was born. The story of Ramayana is only imagination of poet. Where he born? When he born? Where he studied? When he studied? Did he study Engineering? He did Engineering to construct a bridge from India to Lanka in which University?”

In India, now, it is possible to get fake passports to ordinary woman by name of wife of respected M.P. or M.L.A. In India, now, it is possible to get fake driving license, passports to terrorist and to one person by name of different persons, not only one passport, it is possible to get multiple passports to one person.

In India, now, it is possible to get state first ranks, distinctions to students who do not know the definitions in basic subjects. Just we need money to give as corruption to concern authorities. Then is it impossible to get Engineering certificates for Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Nal and Neel from any university in Tamil Nadu or in Andhra Pradesh or in India?

Keep this point beside. Whether Sri Rama was alive at once upon a time or not, whether Sri Rama was imaginary character of poet or not, whether he constructed a bridge really or not, whether the present Rama sethu [on which B.J.P. is planning to play a drama as in the case of Rama Janma Bhoomi of Ayodhya, U.P.] is the natural formation or not, but the belief of crores of Hindus or Indians is true.

Won’t Mr. Karuna nidhi, or Union India Government show respect and consideration on the feeling i.e. Manobhavas of Indians? Won’t Indians or Hindus have feelings? Won’t they get hurt of the feelings like Sikhs in the events of 1984, after the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi at New Delhi or like other religious people in India?

Mr. Kula Deep Nayyar, who is showing the great concern regarding the hurting of feelings of Sikhs since 23 years, can’t show a little bit of same concern towards the hurting of the feelings of the Hindus in the case of Rama Sethu? Won’t Hindus have feelings? Or won’t Hindus have hurt of the feelings? Is it not showing a systematic implementation of a coup on Hindus?

Otherwise, can Mr. Karuna nidhi or others make such type of comments on any other religious aspects, on any other religion prophets or on any other religious believes? Why Hindus are that much easy approach to them? Who is giving such support to them to criticize Hinduism, to make satires on Hindu believes and to make jokes on Hindus? Without doubt, it is the support from Mr. Ramoji Rao, and his agencies C.I.A. and I.S.I.

Let us return to Sri Ramayanam and to king Dasaratha. Being king, he was successful and made his sons with full pledged personality and characters. He was a successful father in bringing up his children in perfect way. He made them as responsible citizens.

That’s why the younger brothers obeyed and respected their elder, Sri Rama. All of the obeyed and respected their father and mother. They didn’t played coup to snatch the thrown from their father or among the brothers like Aurangzeb in the case of Shah Jahan and his sons.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 07 [Valmiki Maharshi Vs Publicity]

There is same case with other epic stories. In case of Sri Ramayanam ….. Regarding King Dasaratha, he ruled his country in righteous way and brought up his four children Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Satrughna in righteous way. He made them to learn how to respect parents and elders, how to practice morals, how to face the difficulties, and to obedience towards teachers. Since childhood, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Satrugna had shown nice behavior.

Among them Sri Rama was more attractive, obedient, knowledgeous and with sweet talkative. Naturally, people, other characters in the story had praised him. Poet Valmiki Maharishi described this in a poetic way.

By referring this, the authoress of Ramayana Visha Vruksham, Ranga Nayakamma and other persons like her put several critics. She said that with such praising of Sri Rama by other characters, Valmiki Maharishi had done mass hypnotism or brainwash to give hero image or great image to Sri Rama, and in fact Sri Rama was not that much good.

Actually, Valmiki Maharishi didn’t give publicity, advertisements to make hit his writing. He didn’t make marketing campaigns to popular his Ramayanam. More over Sri Rama also didn’t effort such. He didn’t praise himself. He didn’t purchased awards, rewards such as Padma Sri or lifetime achievement or legend etc.

He didn’t paid money to perform honor in Ravindra Bharathi or in Lalita Kala Thoranam in public Gardens. Both Valmiki Maharishi and Sri Rama didn’t follow strategy, which the God fathers in cinema field i.e. coup makers are following to popular Amita Batchan as big B and to popular Rajani Kanth as Tamil super star and Chiranjeevi as Telugu Mega Star.

Both Valmiki Maharishi and Sri Rama didn’t follow the policy of ‘you scratch my back and I scratch your back’ as the cinema people. I refer Satyajit Ray’s compliment towards the heroine Jaya Prada as the beautiful heroine of the then days and Asia Journal’s ranking of Bipasa basu as the sexiest woman of Asia. Why I refer these incidents is this type of publicity is with match fixing arrangements.

Both Valmiki Maharishi and Sri Rama didn’t use the media to declare that they had a light with them. Without the media approach, people could observe the light, so that people had accepted the good qualities of them. Actually present days are not comparable with the days of Ramayanam and the Ramayanam time is not comparable with present time. In spite of this, why I put such satire is as follows.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 06 [To Degrade Harischandra]

That’s why only, the coup makers had concentrated on the epics at their maximum level. I start my discussion on this coup with Sri Ramayanam.

As per Sri Ramayanam, Sri Rama belonged to Surya Vamsam i.e. race. His fore fathers were Ikswaku, Manuvu and Satya HarithsChandra etc great kings. They were the followers of Dharma, truth and sincerity. Regarding Satya HarithsChandra, as I discussed in the beginning of this topic, some jokes were made and popularized until the anti spirit or until the idea of ‘if we tell truth, we have to suffer like anything’ up to the roots of all sections of the public.

Hence, a great story, a great fact, a great episode that was able to motive people to tell truth, which was able to inspirit people to practice the morals, was deleted from society. This is because; the story of Satya Harithschandra had motivated Bapu to tell truth. It made a normal man in to strong soul i.e. Mahatma.

That is the main reason to demolish that story from the public life. The ‘Surabhi’ poetic Drama Company and other art societies, which were exhibiting the real story of Satya HarithsChandra and other epic stories as dramas with Telugu poems and dialogues, had strategically made to collapse by the coup makers.

In fact, in the story of Satya HarithsChandra, his wife Chandra Mati Devi, being queen, she left all the wealth, kingdom and followed her husband to forest, to Kasi city in the part of following the truth and Dharma. Whenever HarithsChandra lost courage and fell in depression, she motivated him to follow the righteous way.

His son Lohithasya also, being child, he followed his parents. The poems of such characters, though the lyric is classical with Grammatik values, villagers could understand the high level of language. Now such capacity is lapsed in city people and in villagers.

Thus, total family was stubborn to follow moral values and truth. It leads people to support their family members with unity whenever they fell in troubles. With the memories of such stories, wives could remember their responsibility to support their husbands in difficulties.

On such story, satires, jokes, critics had made. Wantedly media didn’t give space to the voice of scholars, righteous people, and intellectuals like Usha Sri, Viswanadha Satya Narayana and others, the then responsible people who tried to support the story.

Strategically the media including News paper, weeklies, periodicals, movies, conferences, discussions and with government officials indirect support [this they managed with corruption] had given full space to the voice of people like Ranganayakamma who criticized the story.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 05 [What Happens If History Deletes]

The same type of coup may be implementing on several parts of the world by some other persons and same spying agencies. Whatever may be the coup makers and whatever may be the mode of coup, but the purpose of coup is only driving the people out of feelings and making them as commercial minded robots. Then it will be easy for these coup makers to convert the skills in to wealth, without investing much.

The decades of coup, history is this much simple. That’s why only, some of our politicians like Chandra Babu Naidu will say to eliminate history subject from the educational syllabi of our children. If we study history, we may alert to identify the coup on us, or we may remind our heritage or we may realize our position.

If history is deleted from, society, then we can’t learn lessons from our history, we can’t refer solutions for our present problems in the history and we can’t use our elder’s experiences. Then how much easy it will become to implement and to continue the implementation of the coup? Otherwise, why should the history get delete from the syllabi?

In the part of the coup on our Nation, if this much of effort had taken to delete history from society, then imagine how much effort could taken by them to demolish or to degrade our epics?

Once again, I refer the story of Satya HarithsChandra. Suppose there is a society with 100 members. If 100 members of it are telling always truth, there will be peace in the society. Everybody will enjoy the advantages. If 90 members of it are telling always truth and 10 members are telling lies, then 10 members will have advantages, because 90% of people will believe that these 10% also telling truth like themselves.

If 10 members of it are telling always truth and 90 members are telling lies, then 10 members will have disadvantages, because 90% of people won’t believe these 10%, by thinking that these 10% also telling lies like themselves. If 100 members of the society are telling always lies, there will be horrified situation in the society. There won’t be peace and happiness in the society.

It resembles just like the following example…..Imagine a group of people standing in a circle. If everybody beats on cheek of his/her neighbors, everybody will suffer. The lie, the cheat, the deceive; the bad act is like the beat on cheek. Thus, everybody should suffer. Now we are living in such society. Who made us like this? Who drove us in to this situation? No doubt, there is a coup; however, we ourselves have driven us into this hell.

If a cheat happens, if a deceive happens, if a coup happens, it involves the cleverness or crookedness of the person who cheated or deceived the other as well as the foolishness of the person who was cheated or deceived by the other.

That’s why I’m saying that, we, being Indians, we helped and co-operated to the coup makers to spoil our lives, to spoil our society, to spoil our children and to destroy our future.

Now I will explain the coup implemented to degrade our epics to inpatronise our epics in detail.

In fact, Hindu religion, Hindu epics are idealistic. All other religions in this world may be idealistic. Actually Hindu religion is not a religion. It is a life style. It is an idealistic attitude. It is a moral thinking. It is a systematic working nature.

To break such systematism, to change such moral thinking into immoral, to pollute such idealistic attitude, to destroy such life style, a long and full pledged coup is under implementation since decades by Mr. Ramoji Rao and his spying agencies i.e. C.I.A. of America and I.S.I. of Pakistan.

Actually Sri Ramayanam, Sri Maha Bharatam are not only two epics of Indian culture, they are like two eyes of Indians. Here I use Indian culture instead of Hindu culture because it is the attitude of people in India irrespective of religion. Irrespective of religion, here in India, people believe in the concept of ‘fate’. That’s why I used Indian instead of Hindu.

The theory of fate is in Indian blood, in Indian geans. Thousands of years back, here in India, there was no other religion such as Christianity or Islam etc. the fore fore fore…. Fathers of all people have same geans i.e. Indian geans. Such that their attitude, as in heritage have such believes on faith and truth.

Because of such in heritage, all Indians have the characteristic of peace and patience. Among Muslims, Indian Muslims are different. Indian Muslims are with more human and moral values while compare with other country Muslims. That’s why only Arab Muslims exploited Indian Muslims i.e. shakes but Indian Muslims didn’t exploit any other country Muslim.

Here, I’m refereeing the word ‘Indian Muslim’ for an ordinary Muslim citizen of India. But not a M.I.M. Party politician, but not a Mullah who could issue fatwa to kill people, but not an Imam Bukari who could raise communal rivals, but not a terrorist of old city of Hyderabad who could give shelter and co-operation to Pak., Bangladesh or Afghan terrorist to blast bombs.

All these are supporters of coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, C.I.A. and I.S.I. Under the caption of COUP OF HINDU RELIGION AND OTHER RELIGIONS IN INDIA; I can discuss in detail regarding this angle of the coup including Hindu terrorists i.e. B.J.P., Sangh Pariwar, and R.S.S. etc.

Now I return to the point of India epics. In comparison, or in symbolic explanation, the two great Indian epics i.e. Sri Ramayanam, Sri Maha Bharatam are like the two eyes of human being in India. People could see in to the world, and in to their life through the vision of these two epics.

Sri Bhagawatham is like their heart. They could feel everything through the emotional touch of ‘Krishna Leela’ i.e. Miracle of God. Vedic Literature is like the brain of the Indian. They could think and recognize the world and the life through the vision of that knowledge only. And totally, Sri Bhagavad Geetha is like the soul of the Indian. It is permanent ant it is the base of their life. Knowingly or unknowingly, it is the entire structure of their life. Awaritively or un-awaritively it is the style of their life and it is the philosophy of their life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 04 [The Strategic Brain Wash]

The argument of coup supporters on this is - “Hindus are not ferocious, they didn’t mind their religion. They didn’t respect their religion. So they are not making protest to protect their religion and epics. Look. All the critic makers or satires makers are Hindus only. Not any other religion people or Ramoji Rao or C.I.A. or I.S.I.”

In reply, I give you an example. Suppose a family consists of 10 members including two grandparents, two parents and six children. Suppose the elders were leading life with moral values, human values, and professional ethics and idealistic views. Suppose a coup had planned and implemented to break them and to turn them into materialistic or commercial attitude. In the part of that coup, imagine that the family had driven into such a situation of decreasing of the income and increasing of expenditure.

After some time, the children in that family would feel in-satisfaction on their parents, because their character did not completely form, because they were immature children, because their attitude did not completely form. Basically, human desires are unlimited. But resources to fulfill the desires are limited. This is the first word of economics. In such case, it was not in-natural that the children and youth to feel in-satisfaction on their elders of the family. If such deficiency of wealth drives them up to poverty and fasting, definitely hunger could drive them to oppose the elder’s idealism.

As a catalyst to this, if all the neighbors of that family, brain wash the children and youth of that family as in the story of Nalla Meka and Naluguru Dongalu i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES [Hand mark-17], in such a way “Look all others are in progress. They are happy. They are rich. Only your family is poor. Your parents and grandparents are idealistic and idiotic. The days are changed. Idealism is not suitable to these days.

To talk about morals is good to hear, but not good to practice. Poverty is the only result of that attitude. Morals, Epics, history, fear to sin etc all are trash. Disobey your parents. They are particular about their own fame as moral people or truth saying people etc etc but not considering your happiness and comfortableity in life and your career.

Like that, they are selfish. Selfishness means not only in terms of money and material, it may be in terms of feelings also. And more over your parents and elders are egoistic. That’s why they are not hearing your version. This is the generation gap, their lack of communication skills. Your elders are not capacitive to understand this development. Hence, you neglect them. Don’t respect them.”

Then what will happen? Then some of the family members will become as the supporters to the neighbors. They support the coup. They participate in the coup and they effort to implement it. Ultimately, the family will collapse.

More over, if all the neighbors earning money and leading rich life, definitely the children and youth of the family get attract towards the neighbors only. In the part of the coup, if the neighbors introduce deviations among the family members as quarrels among men and women, old generation and young generation, among earners and non earners, among employees and non employees etc. all sections, then what will happen?

Definitely all the family members will pierce their own eyes with their own fingers. When all the family members became blind, then it will be easy to exploit them. Then it will become easy to utilize their manpower, with nominal payment. Then it will become easy to encroach their assets, to snatch their worthy things. By that time, though the family became poor, but if their thinking ability, their working ability and their capacities are high, then it will be easy to create wealth by exploiting them.

This is the example.

Actually, family is the basic unit of the society. Certain families form colony. Certain colonies form villages, towns and cities. Certain villages, towns, and cities form states and states form country.

In the above example, family stands for country India and Hindus. The members of family stand for different sections of people. The neighbors stand for coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, media, C.I.A. and I.S.I. Media, literature, arts and movies of modern age did the brainwash.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 03 [Afforts to Unpopular Human Values]

Not a single Newspaper, not a single weakly had reminded the people, that the story of Satya HarithsChandra made an ordinary boy as our father of Nation. Moreover, so many satires were there in movies. For example, I quote a film song, I don’t know the name of the Telugu movie in which this song was inserted, but Smt. P. Suseela sung it. It was

పల్లవి: అదేమిటో! ఆడదంటే మగవాడికి అలుసులే
అనాదిగా జరుగుతున్నా అన్యాయం ఇదిలే

చరణం: ఆలిని అమ్మాడొకడు
అడవికి పంపాడొకడు
ఒకడేమో జూదంలో పందెం ఓడ్డాడు ..... అదేమిటో"

That means:
What a strange! Men are careless to women.
Since ancient times, this is the in-justice happening.
One man had sold his wife.
One man had sent his wife to forest
And one man had gambled his wife.

In the first line of the stanza, the writer referred that Satya HarithsChandra sold his wife Chandra Mati Devi. He put such satire by equalizing Satya HarithsChandra to the liquor addicts who are ill-treating their wives by selling them, and to the worst, immoral men who are selling the women to prostitute houses. He didn’t remind that Chandra Mati Devi, willing fully, accompanied her husband HarithsChandra, supported him, motivated him to stand for truth and she, her self-stood to speak truth.

In the second line of the stanza, in this song, the writer referred that Sri Rama sent his wife Sita to forest. He put such satire as if Sri Rama sent Sita to forest for himself. Did Sri Rama enjoy life with another woman or with another marriage after sending Sita to forest? To keep the moral values, both Sri Rama and Sita had sacrificed their lives. To use tongue without limits, without knowing a things is a big mistake and a washer man in Uttara Ramayanam did such mistake. But for the sake of a moral, poor washer man’s blame, both Sri Rama and Sita felt
Responsible and afforded to maintain moral values in the society, By the way they sent righteous signals into the society. The writer of the above song didn’t consider it. Similar reference is there in the case of Dharma Raja in the third line of the stanza of the song.

I don’t know who had written this lyric, who had acted for this, who had directed this film, but it is clear that the motive force or Godfathers are Mr. Ramoji Rao and his agencies only. In the beginning, his activities were far behind the screen, very indirectly. Gradually his Godfather ship is established. This had taken decades of long time. It is quite natural in spying history to plan, to implement, and to wait, for result for such long time as decades and sometimes as centuries.

Not only this type of songs, such screens, such stories, such arguments, such jokes in movies, in News items, in literature and where ever it is possible had propagated until they change the attitude of public from positive thinking to negative thinking, from good to bad, from patience to revenge, from love, co-operation, and co-ordination to hatred. This is the slow poison of spying.

Otherwise, vigorous protest will happen if one Salmon Rashdi or one Thaslima Nasrin writes against Islam. Fatwa’s will release to kill such critic making writers. Nobody will critic on any concept of Christianity and on any other religion. Then why Hinduism became such a cheap or easy approach to make jokes, critics and satires?