Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gadheya Vs Viswamithra [Coup On Indian Epics – 11]

Let us return to Ramayanam again. The saint Viswamithra went to King Dasaratha to request him to send Sri Rama along with him to the forest to protect his Yagnam. In fact, he was king Gadheya before he took ‘Sanyasam’. He had known the operation of many weapons and he gave his powers of weapons which he acquired with his own effort such as ‘Thapasu’ to Sri Rama for the sake of world peace and prosperous.

Such capacitive ViswaMitra requested King Dasaratha to sent, Sri Rama with him. Vasishta Maharishi remarked this, when King Dasaradha feared to send Sri Rama to kill the demons and to protect the Yagna.

When Dasaratha was ready to accompany Viswamithra, instead of Rama, Maharishi Vasishta said “Oh! King! Don’t doubt the capacity of Viswamitra and Sri Rama. Viswamitra could kill the demons with a single curse. In spite of this, he is requesting you to send Sri Rama with him. His wish might be other. He wants to coach and train up Sri Rama. Send your son, along with him as if you are sending him to marriage instead of to forest. Being your family and race teacher, I’m advising you.”

Because of this Vasishta Maharishi, Viswamitra had given up his Kingdom of Gadheya and he went to forest to do penance. Once, being king, Gadheya had gone to forest for hunting the animals. In those days, hunting the animals was the part of king’s duty, because the number of wild animals and wideness of the forest was much than the population of people and their residential areas.

So that the wild animals used to damage the public life by attacking on lives and crops in fields. That’s why kings should go to forests along with their army to hunt the animals. But now hunting of the animals is crime because now increased popularity of people is attacking on the lives of wild animals and on the forests.

While returning from hunting, the king Gadheya had visited Vasishta Maharishi’s Ashram. With the help of the cow Kapila, the daughter of Kamadhenu, Vasishta Maharishi had given a big feast to the King and his army. Gadheya felt wonder about it. He wanted to have the cow, but Vasishta rejected his desire.

He forced to take the cow but failed. By the way, he could understand that the strength of king was less than that of a saint or Maharishi. He left his kingdom and started penance. In spite of this incident, Vasishta Maharishi didn’t have any agony on Gadheya i.e. Viswamitra. And more over both Vasistha and Viswamitra respect each other. That was their achievement over the emotions, and arishadwargas. All the famed people and characters in our epics stood for such balance of mind and led people to be in such path.

Leaving all this good of Viswamitra, these coup makers and their supporters used to refer Menaka’s relation with Viswamitra in movies like Yama Gola, Yama Donga etc. in jokes in cartoons. The background story is as follows. Being Gadheya, when he started penance to acquire the strength of a saint like Visishta Maharishi, he failed minimum thrice in that trail.

Depends upon their concentration in penance, they will get powers and strength and such saints were used to call as Muni, Rushi, Maharishi, Mahamuni,Rajarshi and Brahmarshi etc names. Vasishta Maharishi was famous as Brahmarshi. Gadheya wanted to become equivalent to him.

In that process, he became friend to this universe, so that he was called by name Vaswa Mitra. He was the man who behind the story of Satya HarithsChandra, one of the fore fathers of Sri Rama in Ramayanam. Viswamitra’s role is valuable in Sri Rama’s life. His grandson Bharatha was the one of the fore fathers of Pandavas in Mahabharatam such that he was long living man as per Hindu epics.

As I above said, during the time of penance, he failed to keep up his concentration without disturbance, minimum thrice.

In one trail, the beauty of Menaka, the divine woman sent by Devendra, the king of heaven to disturb his penance, influenced him. He loved her, spent with her. After she became pregnant, he could realize his deviation from his target and left her, gone to Himalayas. Menaka had given birth to Sakunthalaand she brought up by Kanva Maharishi.

Sri Kali Dasu in Sanskrit fabricated the basic story of Sakunthala in most poetic and dramatic way in Abhignana Sakunthalam. On this episode, the cine people, the coup makers, made ‘Masala’ i.e. purposeful mixture, by leaving the greatness of ViswaMitra and by leaving his well wishing towards the peace and prosperity of this universe.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Positive Image to Aurangzeb [Coup On Indian Epics – 10]

In this context, I want to explain you another point, which can demo you regarding the implementation of the coup on Indian culture. By spreading critics, satires and jokes including the writings like Ramayana Visha Vrukshams, the coup makers degraded the epics and driving them from public life.

More over there was a spread or propaganda, regarding Aurangzeb, the last fame Emperor of Mughal. His hairs were unpopular and weakened. After Aurangzeb, as per the history, the Mughal Kingdom got stage of falling down. Regarding such Aurangzeb, the oral propaganda was that, Aurangzeb did not enjoy the people money as Emperor, he used to copy the Koran by manual script, by selling them, and he earned money for his food.

He spent such loyal or Saint life. Because Shah Jahan had spent public money to construct Taj Mahal, Aurangzeb did not like this, hence he kept his father in the royal prison i.e. prison in the palace!

This was the oral palm plate in spread in public. In fact, Shah Jahan constructed Taj Mahal as the symbol of his love to his wife Muntaj Begum. However, both Muntaj and Shah Jahan had failed to construct the character of their son Aurangzeb. That’s why only Aurangzeb did not respect the bondage of his father. Might Aurangzeb not believe the bondages?

With such character, could Aurangzeb led his life like a saint, without royal luxuries, with his own and poor earnings on copy writing the Koran with his own hands? As per history, Aurangzeb had restarted the tax on beard & hair on Hindus, which his great grandfather Akbar had demolished. He was that much greedy and impatient to other religions. He didn’t have affection on his own blood relatives.

Giving positive image to much Mughal i.e. Muslim Emperor, Aurangzeb and giving negative image of king Dasaratha and Kausalya who were successful parents in carving the morality in the characters of their sons, Sri Rama and his brothers, is it not a coup on Indian culture?

In practice, the definition of secularism became as the praising of others religions, protecting of other religions especially Islam and criticizing Hinduism, damaging Hinduism. By keeping this point on the shoulders, B.J.P., R.S.S. etc. entered in to the field with roarings and shoutings, raised Hindu terrorism.

This is another angle of coup. I will explain it in detail and under the caption of COUP ON HINDUISM AND OTHER RELIGIONS and under the caption of COUP ON INDIAN POLITICAL FIELD.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Coup On Indian Epics – 09 [Family in Ramayana]

40 to 50 years back, parents and elders in the family used to refer Ramayanam follow Ramayanam and used to tell the stories to the children in the family. They used to get motivation to follow the morals of epics. That’s why only such generation people used to respect their elders.

Now, if you watch the present young generation and children in our society, no child is calling his/her elder child as brother or sister. They are calling them by name. When the elders and parents of the family, call their children by name or pet name, the younger children also imitate it.

By that time parents should correct them and should make them to respect, elder children as well as they should make the elder children to be responsible and affectionate towards the young children. Because of delete of epics such as Ramayanam and Maha Bharatham, people had forgotten that discipline.

The parents are laughing when the young children call their elder children by name as imitating the parents. The parents are thinking that such imitating is naughtiness of children and enjoying it. They are not noticing that such acts are the beginning steps of indiscipline and decreasing of bondages and values in the society.

Hence, result is in front of our eyes. Now brothers & sisters born to one mother are killing other own brothers, sisters and their family members. Where is the address of love and bondage? Maximum people became as Aurangzeb’s.

In Ramayanam, Lakshmana scarified his comfortable life, company of his young wife for 14years to accompany and to serve his elder brother Sri Rama in forest. Bharatha scarified his thrown, which his mother Kaika Devi achieved with her boons.

He said that he was not capable and eligible for it and given the thrown to Sri Rama, his elder brother with respects. Being kings, having busy schedule of life, king Dasaratha and his wives had brought up their children with such moral values.

Now, are the modern mothers and fathers busy than the king Dasaratha and his wives who spent enough time to perform all of their duties and works being King and Queens? Are the modern parents having much busy schedule than them? Or, are the modern parents have to perform much politics than them?

More over the modern parents are very much advanced. Among them, I had seen some of the fathers who are enjoying the naughtiness of their sons by making the sons to call the fathers as “Orai Daddy.” When the son is at the age of below ten years, it may be okay for them, but if the sons call them at the age of 25, is it okay for them? If the son disobeys, does not show respects and send them to old age homes, is it okay for them?

Indian Epics, Vedic culture leads the people to follows,
Mathru Devo Bhava that means Mother is God.
Pithru Devo Bhava that means Father is God.
Acharya Devo Bhava that means Teacher is God.

By saying God bye to epics and culture from life, from society and by welcoming the T.V. serials, ‘mass’ i.e. vulgar movies in to life and society, the children will follow.
Mother is a servant to us.
Father is a cashier to us.
And teacher is a useless fellow to us.

In most of the families, among most of the children, this type of indiscipline and disobedience is there. By stopping our running or busy schedule and if we observe the facts with consciousness, this appears around us in the society and families.