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Coup On Literature – 4 [Think positively]

Here I refer one more story to you.

అనగా అనగా ………..

Once upon a time, there was a milk vender in a village. Every day he used to collect milk from villages and sell in the near by town. He used to mix water for the sake of more profit in the milk. He used to get money for milk monthly once in the town.

Like that, one day he got money from people to whom he sold milk in the town and returning to home. It was evening. He was so tired. On the way, he laid down to take rest on the bank of a river, under the shade of a big tree. Slowly he had fallen into deep sleep. He kept his money bag under his head.

Then a monkey came there. It had pulled the money bag and climbed up the tree. The milk vender had awoken and shouted at the monkey. It had a glance on him and opened his moneybag. With great anger, the milk vender was throwing stones onto the monkey. But without getting disturbance, the money had taken money into its hand and throwing one coin on to the bank of river and one coin into the water. The milk vendor was crying and shouting at the monkey but it didn’t stopped dropping coins in water and on floor one in each: until the last coin in the bag. After completing the money distribution, the monkey left that place.

At that time, some of his villagers were passing that way. They enquired him why he was crying. He explained all. They laughed at him and said “Look man! You had done immoral business. You mixed water in milk and sold for unreasonable rate. So Anjaneya Swami [In Indian belief, Monkey is the form of God Hanuman in Ramayanam] had given appropriate profit to you. He had given you money for milk and given money to the river for water. That’s all. At least, from now it self do business with sincerity. You are purchasing milk in the village for lesser price. The profit is reasonable to your service. Satisfy with it. Other wise, in which easy manner you gather money, in same easy manner it will go from you. God had told you this. Be happy for it.”

After that he realized his mistake and done business in proper way.

That’s the entire story.

This story indicates us to develop such an attitude to learn truth from each and every incident of our life. So that we can hear to the voice of God. To watch all the creatures in world as the form of God is the greatest philosophical attitude of Indians.

Sri Bhagavad Geetha teaches us to observe God in all other living beings. Though so many critics were made on this attitude such as, Indians used to devote stones, trees, snakes and animals etc. etc. still such attitude is in live on this ‘Punya Bhoomi’ i.e. sacred land which is most essential in environmental protection and eco-equilibrium.

How much broad the Indian heart and mind to watch God in all living beings and treat them as equivalent to human beings. How great must be such civilization!

I’m not supporting the ugly extremities of Indians believes. Any advantage if it continues beyond the limits, it turns as disadvantage and vice versa. So that in each and every aspect Bhagvad Geetha preaches us about the limits.

“యుక్తాహార విహారస్య యుక్తచేష్టస్య కర్మసు
యుక్త స్వప్నావబోధస్య యోగో భవతి దుఃఖహా”

Food, rest and work all must be in appropriate limits. If we refer the above story, whatever we do as action, God will do the appropriate as reaction. If we observe the surroundings, we can observe that people, who earn easy money, will loss in that much easy ways.

They may pay to liquors to purchase illness, to corporate foods to purchase obecity, the corporate colleges and schools to purchase ego but not education, corporate hospitals to purchase body check-ups etc. if some body earns money with corruption at one place he has to pay corruption in ten places.

Imagine that, some people were standing in a circle. One person had beaten slop on the check of the other. He had done same to the next. The next done same to his next, after some time, the total persons in that circle were beating others, eating beats from others. No one could stop this violence. If one person stopped to beat, he could become a terrible victim of such violence. Only way is all of the persons had to stop it.

Imagine that some people in circle. If they smile to other, transfer such love and faith to other, how sweet life will be?

If we refer the above story once again, it instructs us, that whatever we do, we think others may not know, but definitely God can watch our each and every activity and thought. It provokes us to behave with faith.

I’ll tell you another story, which relates to our famous Hindu pilgrim place in Andhra Pradesh, Sri KalaHasthi. There is a river Swarna mukhi. This story tells us why that river got such name.

అనగా అనగా....

At that time of temple construction, people, devotes and labor who ever interested to participate in the temple construction, were doing physical industry. By the evening, all of they used to wash themselves in the water of the river which was beside the temple place.

At that time, into their palms, they used to get appropriate gold coins to their physical industry as daily wages through the water of the river. If some one done much work, he used to get much gold coins and some one done less work, he got less coins.

So that the river got its name as ‘Suvarna Mukhi’ means ‘Golden face.’

These stories are like beautiful flowers of the garden of literature. And that literature garden is so beautiful, wide with sweet fruits, pleasant shades, fragments, cool breeze and lakes of healthy water. It indicates us, instruct us and induce good thoughts in us to lead peaceful, faithful life.

I refer some of such flowers along with their moral indication to us.

’ అనగా అనగా ………..

Long long ago; there was a king. He was good and kind man. But he had short temper. He had a wise man as his minister.

One day, while practicing the war Arts, he lost his last finger [చిటికెన వ్రేలు] on left hand. Royal Doctors treated him and dressed his hand. He was sorrow for losing the finger. His minister was optimistic and spiritual thinking man. When the king was with grievance, to make him cheerful, the minister said, “Maharaja! Don’t feel sorry for what happened. Every thing in our life is in God’s hands. That’s why think that everything happens in our life is only for the sake of our faith.”

The king felt angry. He thought what was the good and faith in losing finger on hand. He ordered his army chief to keep the Minister in prison and said to the Minister “Feel this as for sake of your faith.” Minister replied with sweet smile, “Why not my Lord! Definitely God is doing this for the sake of my faith.”

Some days passed away. The minister was in prison. The injure on the hand of the king were cured. One day the king had gone to forest to hunt the wild animals along with some solders. In those days, forest were thick, so that villagers would suffered from animals, so that there was a custom of hunting of animals by kings.

While hunting, the king rode the horse with great speed, so that he got departure from soldiers. He lost way in the forest. He got tired and thirsty. At that moment, he was captured by some tribal group. Those tribal had caught him with ropes and took him to their deity’s temple i.e. cave. The leader of those tribal has wanted him to offer as a sacrifice to their deity i.e. God.

They made him to bath, decorated him with a garland of forest flowers, and got ready to sacrifice him. They placed him on the altar. By the moment they wanted to cut his head in front of their deity’s idol, the tribal leader had observed his hand, shouted, “Leave him. He is a handicap. He has no five fingers on left hand. Leave him.” The king felt wonder to get a choice to live. He didn’t imagine that he could escape from death. He could recall his memory of his Minister who told him that all was for the sake of our faith.

The tribal group left him in the forest. By that time, his solders found him in the part of their search for him. At last they return palace.

Immediately after reaching the palace, the king approached the prison, released the Minister. He said apology to the Minister and narrated what happened.

With gentle smile the Minister said “Yes my Lord! Every event in our life is for the sake of our faith only. Though it seems too bad at that moment, definitely it might be good in long time. God do such only. That’s why we praise God. His love on us is that much. If I was with you, definitely I could fallow you. The tribal definitely sacrifice me to their deity because I have perfect body. God had saved me, done faith to me by keeping me in prison by you. That’s all.”

The king realized the truth. They lived happily for long time with positive thinking.

That’s the entire story.

This story motivates the readers and listeners to think positively, to expect things in optimistic way, to face the fate with dare. It leads us to control our anger when something harm happens due to the mistake of others.

If children grow with such feelings and attitude, won’t they become intellectuals and faithful personalities? Then won’t they lead peaceful and happy life?

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